ESA Comet Interceptor mission with wider Polish participation

Creotech Instruments announced in the second half of November that it had been invited by the Swiss University of Bern to participate in the Comet Interceptor mission, prepared under the leadership of the European Space Agency (ESA). The company’s task is to prepare a design and manufacture components for one of the probe’s research devices. … Read more

Concepts of extraterrestrial missions to suit higher ambitions. POLSA selected the contractors

Among those indicated on November 10 this year contractors of the Polish Space Agency (POLSA) were both enterprises and research and development centers, mainly within the notified target consortia. The indicated topics of implementation are divided into parts – from I to IV, corresponding to: scientific missions in the field of observational astronomy, celestial body … Read more

President of Creotech Instruments: “95 percent of our clients are foreign buyers”

“The recipients of our products are usually international customers, both in the space area and in the area related to the so-called scientific instrumentations“- said the president of Creotech Instruments, Dr. Grzegorz Brona, in a statement for, discussing the threads of the company’s activities and development plans so far. As he emphasized, it is … Read more

After a good start on NewConnect – Creotech plans to “conquer” the main floor of the WSE

On Thursday, October 21 this year. The management board of Creotech Instruments convened the General Meeting of Shareholders (on November 18 this year), during which the further fate of the company’s intention to apply for admission to listing on the main market of the WSE is to be determined. The participants of the General Meeting … Read more

“Green” debut of Creotech Instruments on the NewConnect market

Shares of Creotech Instruments, a Polish manufacturer of electronic systems and satellite components, reached PLN 76.99 on the NewConnect market at the time of its opening (October 12, this is 26.2 percent). more in relation to the reference price (PLN 61.00). As noted, 1 million series A shares, 62,752 series B shares, 67,300 series C … Read more

Creotech: we are working on the Polish scientific UVSat microsatellite

Communicated in mid-September this year. the project is based on a consortium agreement signed on August 29, 2021 between Creotech Instruments SA, the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center. Its purpose is to cooperate in the development of design documentation, construction, launch and operation of the … Read more

The PIAST project, i.e. national nanosatellites for the Polish Army. Construction starts

PIAST (Polish ImAging SaTellites) is a project carried out under the program SAFIR, the assumption of which is to use the potential of cooperation between scientific units and private entrepreneurs in the development of key solutions for security and defense. Particular emphasis is placed here on filling the identified technological gaps. The PIAST project, financed … Read more

Grzegorz Brona returns to the position of President of Creotech Instruments

Change in the position of the president of the management board of Creotech Instruments SA, a Polish producer of satellite systems and components as well as advanced electronics intended for, inter alia, for quantum computer control systems, this is the result of a recent decision by the company’s Supervisory Board. This role was again entrusted … Read more

Waiting for the Polish EagleEye satellite. “Quality of remote sensing for defense use”

The project to create the EagleEye microsatellite system, submitted by an initiative group led by Creotech Instruments SA (consortium leader with the participation of the Wrocław company Scanway Sp. Z oo and the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences) received funding in the amount of PLN 29 from the National Center for … Read more