The trial of Dino Scala, the “rapist of the Sambre” opens, after thirty years of crimes and twenty years of investigation

Reproduction of an undated photo published by the newspaper “L’observer de l’Avesnois” in March 2018, showing Dino Scala posing for a photo with the local football club he was then president of, in the town of Pont-sur -Samber. – / AFP It is an almost unexpected trial that opens, Friday, June 10, before the assizes … Read more

three French companies targeted by a complaint for “complicity in war crimes”

Yemenis search for victims under the rubble of houses, the day after a Saudi-led coalition airstrike on Yemen’s northwestern province of Saada on September 1, 2016. AFP It is a deluge of fire among many others in a war that kept getting bogged down in Yemen. At the beginning of December 2016, for seventy-two hours, … Read more

Crimes Of The Future Hardly Causes Room Abandonment And Achieves A 6-minute Ovation

As if it were the very Phoenix Bird, David Cronenberg He returned this 2022 to his director’s chair. The filmmaker had not directed a feature film for 8 years, since Maps to the Starsin 2014. Although Cronenberg has continued to maintain a presence in the media thanks to series such as Star Trek Discoverywhere interprets … Read more

Salt and Sacrifice: The best crimes you can choose from and their respective items

If you like action games and metroidvanias, Salt and Sacrifice is one of the best options available on PS5, PS4 y PC. We could even frame it in the soulslike genre. This sequel to Salt and Sanctuary developed by Ska Studio and Devoured Studio is now available, and it is important that you know two … Read more

the investigation will resume after the confirmation of the cement manufacturer’s indictment for “complicity in crimes against humanity”

The Lafarge factory in Jalabiya, in the Syrian desert, in 2011. SOUP IMAGES / JOHN WREFORD / SOUP IMAGES/GIRL In the already long soap opera of the Lafarge affair, it is a hard setback for the cement manufacturer: the Paris Court of Appeal confirmed, Wednesday, May 18, the indictment of the French group, under the … Read more

the indictment for “complicity in crimes against humanity” confirmed

View of the Lafarge cement plant in the Syrian desert, near Raqqa. SOUP IMAGES / JOHN WREFORD / SOUP IMAGES/GIRL The Paris Court of Appeal confirmed, Wednesday, May 18, the indictment of the cement group Lafarge for “complicity in crimes against humanity” concerning its activities until 2014 in Syria, declared Claire Tixeire, legal adviser to … Read more

David Cronenberg talks about the problems to finance films like Crimes of the Future or The Shrouds

In the audiovisual industry, there is a certain tendency to think, especially by the general public, that Netflix is ​​a suitable place to take any production. David Cronenberg you know that is not true. The filmmaker has spent several years seeking financing for his new film, Crimes of The Future, which debuts at this edition … Read more

Increase in complaints in France for anti-LGBT+ crimes and offenses in 2021

Most of this violence takes place in urban areas, 53% in agglomerations of more than 200,000 inhabitants. INGRAM / PHOTONONSTOP Complaints for crimes and offenses committed against LGBT + people increased by 28% in France in 2021 compared to 2020, according to figures published Monday, May 16 by the Ministry of the Interior. If we … Read more

Crimes Of The Future: Kristen Stewart Says More About David Cronenberg’s Sci-fi Thriller

Actress Kristen Stewart opened up on the story of Crimes of the Future, film signing the return of David Cronenberg behind the camera. After his last feature film released in 2014, the strange Maps to the Stars, who had been in competition at the Cannes Film Festival that same year, director David Cronenberg stepped aside … Read more

Ghislaine Maxwell portrayed as “mistress of the house” by Jeffrey Epstein during her sex crimes trial

The Manhattan court where Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial is taking place, in New York, United States, November 30, 2021. CARLO ALLEGRI / REUTERS At her trial in New York for sex trafficking of minors, Ghislaine Maxwell, former companion and collaborator of the American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein – who died in prison, in 2019, before being tried … Read more