Space dust: A novel cure for a lunar lander killer

Landing a spacecraft on the lunar surface is tricky. As any engineer can tell you, dust doesn’t help. Billions of grains of crushed rock, called regolith, are kicked up during a rocket-assisted landing, a huge impediment to creating reliable, reusable landers. Dust is also a notorious killer of robots, which is a critical issue for the … Read more

Covid, morto il No Vax di Ferrara che aveva seguito le cure domiciliari di un medico legato a Ippocrate: si indaga per omesso soccorso

È morto la mattina del 7 ottobre all’ospedale Sant’Anna di Ferrara il 68enne No Vax ricoverato in condizioni critiche da oltre un mese dopo aver provato a curarsi dal Covid seguendo i consulti da remoto di un medico legato a Ippocrateorg, l’associazione che propone la telemedicina (non riconosciuta dai protocolli sanitari) come terapia alternativa e … Read more

Elected officials want to ban “conversion therapy”, which claim to “cure” homosexuality

Participants in the annual Pride March parade in Paris on June 26, 2021. THOMAS COEX / AFP It is on a phenomenon still little known that were to look, Wednesday, September 29, the deputies of the commission of the laws. Before its passage in public session on October 5, they examine a bill from the … Read more

Inspiration4 and the quest to cure childhood cancer

The Inspiration4 crew has lifted off onboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon. By the time the gentle reader sees that it will likely have already returned to Earth after one of the most unusual and heartwarming space missions ever undertaken. Most people have seen those St. Jude’s Research Hospital commercials. The children — many with hair gone from chemotherapy, their voices … Read more

Mara Venier in ospedale tra cure e sconforto: “Chissà quando finirà”

Mara Venier, 70 anni di amori e carriera Un calvario infinito, quello vissuto da Mara Venier, che torna in ospedale per sottoporsi a nuove cure per tenere ma bada i problemi odontoiatrici di cui è rimasta vittima a giugno 2021. La conduttrice di Rai1 ha voluto condividere questo nuovo controllo con i follower, postando una … Read more

“How to cure a loss of libido at 50? “

SOS MAÏA MAÏA MAZAURETTE In theory, sexuality is no longer taboo. In practice, there are questions that we dare not ask anyone … In any case, anyone who can judge us (partners, friends) or recognize us (doctors, shrinks). Some confessions are bottles in the sea, anonymous, which are almost private diaries. Some questions, on the … Read more