You won’t dance much with Zaz this time. On the intimate album “Isa”, the singer exposes her soul

Most of the listeners associate with the French musician Zaz mainly the unstoppable influx of energy, which is typical for her not only in the recordings, but especially on the stages. However, her album novel “Isa” goes in a different direction – it offers mostly calm and melancholic songs. 8/10 Zaz – Isa Released: 22.10.2021Total … Read more

“What right do people have to tell me I can’t dance naked?”

Emily Ratajkowski it is definitely an icon. It is one of the top model highest paid in the world, it almost has 30 million followers on Instagram, she was in “Gone Girl” with Ben Affleck and with Zac Efron in “We Are Your Friends”. She became famous at 21, shooting the clip of Robin Thicke, … Read more

Sofia Tornambene interview on the new album, DANCE MANIA Stereo Love

Sofia Tornambene launched the EP DANCE MANIA Stereo Love (Columbia Records Italy/Sony Music Italy). The EP consists of seven tracks and contains the single The impossible. DANCE MANIA Stereo Love features seven dance-pop soundtracks written together with Maestro who also signs its production. We reached Sofia Tornambene which was told between memories, the new artistic … Read more

Bjork turns to the dance floors with a new record. Know more!

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Recently, in an interview given by Bjork to the specialized music portal RÚV, the artist declares that the new work will be dedicated and thought of during this long period of seclusion caused by the pandemic: “for people who created a club inside their own living room” and completes … Read more

BTS: How To Enjoy The Online Concert ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’?

The virtual concert of BTS, called ‘Permission To Dance On Stage‘to be held in South Korea and it will be broadcast to all parts of the world, it is getting closer and closer. Therefore, in this note we leave you a guide so you can enjoy the show. LOOK HERE: School Achievement Bonus: who is … Read more

Ghali Wallah text that tells the urgency of returning to dance for the rapper

Ghali Wallah text that tells the urgency, strong today as never before, to go back to dancing and being together for the new song coming out for Sto Records / Atlantic / Warner Music Italy. The single will be launched on October 29 (but it’s already in pre save who) and marks the return of … Read more

Audiences: “Dance with the stars” leader, “César Wagner” down in front of “NCIS”, C8 to the million

On this last evening of the week, for its fifth number, season 11 of “Dance with the stars” premieres on TF1. The entertainment presented live by Camille Combal convinced 3.95 million aficionados, which represents an audience share of 20.9% among audiences aged 4 and over and a still very solid market share of 37 % … Read more

BTS: Where And When To See The Virtual Concert ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’?

The idols of BTS they have surprised everyone ARMY by announcing his return to the stage in person at The Angels, USA, and virtually for everyone, with a series of concerts entitled ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’. LOOK HERE: Five characters who had their minutes of fame and are now forgotten BTS will return to … Read more

Rogue Planet, Dangerous Dance, SpaceX & Electric Propulsion

This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image features two interacting galaxies that are so intertwined, they have a collective name – Arp 91. Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, J. Dalcanton, Acknowledgement: J. Schmidt Hubble Detects a Dangerous Dance This NASA/THIS Hubble Space Telescope image features two interacting galaxies that are so intertwined, they have a collective name … Read more