Bloody drug war? Scooter driver shot down – danger to life – BZ Berlin

29. November 2021 07:22 Updated 07:36 AM A man (30) lies seriously injured on the asphalt. His torso bare. The helpers took off his outer clothing. By Dirk Böttger, Timo Beurich and Matthias Lukaschewitsch The breast is already glued with probes. The emergency doctor, paramedics and police officers take care of him. Every move has … Read more

Squid Game danger for students ?: Villingen schools on alert – Villingen-Schwenningen & surroundings

Dangerous game, the squid game is also taking over the schoolyards in Villingen-Schwenningen. Photo: Chow Use SB Plus to view all X images in this gallery. More information about SB Plus Already a subscriber? Log in here Adults re-enacting children’s games and the loser being gunned down? Sounds macabre, but it’s the plot of the … Read more

“In danger of death, the German manufacturers are rationalizing at all costs”

Outside the headquarters of automaker Opel in Ruesselsheim, Germany, October 15, 2018. ANDREAS ARNOLD / AFP Soulagement in Rüsselsheim. At the German headquarters of Opel, the unions won their first real showdown with their parent company, Stellantis. The house founded by Adam Opel in 1862 will not be dismantled as they feared. An agreement was … Read more

Eric Zemmour: “France as we have known it is in danger of death”

Guest of Christine Kelly in Facing the info on CNEWS, this Thursday evening November 4, the almost presidential candidate Éric Zemmour notably returned to the state of France, which he considers “to be in danger of death” . During this interview, the polemicist supported his vision of the weakening of the country by stipulating that … Read more

Rising prices and empty shelves pose a danger to Biden

Media accuse Biden of being “the Grinch” 2:19 (CNN) — Joe Biden’s fight to get America back to normal after the pandemic is proving to be much longer and more complicated than previously thought, with huge political implications for the president and his party. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg admitted on CNN on Sunday that supply … Read more

Married to an ordinary person, Princess Mako Akishino is in danger of losing her royal title : Okezone Celebrity

TOKYO – The Japanese royal princess, Mako Akishino is in the public spotlight because of her decision to marry a non-aristocratic man, Kei Komuro. A decision that put her in danger of losing her status as a princess of the Japanese Empire. according to NBC News, the 29-year-old princess refused a gift of JPY150 million … Read more

Synopsis The Bond of Love September 17, 2021: Aldebaran Suspicious of the Mysterious Figure Jessica, Alfahri’s Family is Still in Danger : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Synopsis Love Bond 17 September 2021 is still showing terror to the Alfahri family. Even Andin, Reyna, Mama Rosa, Michi and Angga were attacked by a mysterious unknown group of herd who suddenly threw eggs at the car and intercepted Andin’s car. Fortunately, the attack targeting Mama Rosa was prevented by Aldebaran with Angga. … Read more

Laporta furious after the rout, Koeman already in great danger!

Zapping Our Mondial Real Madrid, FC Barcelona: the top 10 players at the end of their contract in La Liga It is a very painful setback that Barça suffered last night at Camp Nou against Bayern Munich (0-3). A stinging defeat which clearly showed the irremediable gap that is widening between the Catalan club and … Read more

Emma Raducanu sacred at the US Open, the danger of the following days

Since her victory at the US Open, it is easy to imagine that Emma Raducanu has been immensely in demand. She has become the sensation that all the media are snapping up on. At 18, she will have to face a fame as sudden as it is unexpected. It must be said that her spontaneity, … Read more