Saprissa paid dearly for her shyness and received an indelible slap in the Concacaf League

Saprissa arrived in Guatemala trying to take care of a minimal advantage against Comunicaciones, in the Concacaf League, and ended up paying dearly for his shyness. In the end he received a slap impossible to forget, when he was out of the area contest in the quarterfinals, after the 2 to 1 defeat in the … Read more

Law. Marriage: A Crime Fair That Can Cost You Dearly

This is the kind of scene that we find in the newspapers, dozens of offenses often noted by video verbalization following the passage of a marriage. While most of the offenses relate to line crossings or disregarding lights or stop signs, some weddings have recently turned into real rodeos. Smile, you’re being filmed “Riding in … Read more

In South Korea, Squid Game’s success could cost Netflix dearly

If Squid Game has established itself as the series of the moment since its release on September 17, 2021, it could cost Netflix dearly. Indeed, the streaming platform is threatened by a South Korean access provider. The latter filed a lawsuit against her, this Friday, October 1. Netflix, sued over Squid Game? With the growing … Read more

Natural Disasters And Climate Change Threaten To Cost The US Economy Dearly

Gigantic forest fires, heat waves, drought, tropical and winter storms. The United States is the victim of repeated natural disasters. But is it the fault of climate change? Some US national agencies are making the connection and predicting serious consequences for the US economy. It is the latest in a long series of natural disasters … Read more

FC Barcelona Pays Dearly For Its Desires For Emancipation!

Global brand, FC Barcelona manages 7,000 officially licensed products. After having bought FCBMerchandising from Nike to run its distribution networks itself, the blaugrana club found itself in a very difficult situation due to a significant liability, the pandemic, an elephantine payroll and a renegotiation of the contract of Lionel Messi who has not yet succeeded, … Read more

These Small Or Large Incivilities That Can Cost You Dearly At The Beach This Summer On The Côte D’Azur

I do a barbecue at the beach Grilling merguez and chipolatas is one of the great pleasures of summer. At the beach, it’s even more tempting to organize a satisfying picnic with friends with a view of the sea. If the law does not provide for a specific ban, the town halls can issue orders … Read more

Regretful And Unhappy? Ana Patricia Gámez Confirms Suspicions With Some Photos; Is Your Retirement From Television “costing You Dearly”? (PHOTOS)

Ana Patricia Gámez went to ‘take refuge’ in the cemetery and now other photos confirm suspicions The former host of Enamorándonos, is she sorry about her retirement from television? Some photos with her husband and family would leave everyone with the answer Mijos and mijas, their little sister LA CHACHA making an appearance here and … Read more