Chronology of Bens Leo Infected with Covid-19 to Death: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Sad news has returned to the world of entertainment in the country. Music watcher Leo goods died at the age of 69 years on Monday (11/29/2021). Previously known, Leo goods was infected with Covid-19. He even had to be rushed to Fatmawati Hospital, South Jakarta for treatment. Bens Leo’s condition at that time was … Read more

Scary article from comedian Derrion ‘Dmuney’ Childs’ on death a week before he was killed after Young Dolph death jokes

A scary comedian’s death story he published just a week before his death has come to light. Police have confirmed that 21-year-old Derrion “Dmuney” Childs died in Memphis, Tennessee on November 23 after responding to a shooting. Dmuney was killed after making jokes about Young Dolph’s death The rapper died on November 17Crédit : Getty … Read more

a man sentenced to death in North Korea for broadcasting the series

© Netflix – Squid Game / Allociné In North Korea, a man was sentenced to death. The latter was guilty of illegally bringing in the South Korean series Squid Game. Streamed on Netflix, Squid Game quickly became a global phenomenon. However, North Korea has banned the broadcast of this series. Indeed, in December 2020, the … Read more

this Youtubeur organized the IRL death games, the winner pocketed this large sum

While the series Squid Game is available in all forms, this popular Youtuber has decided to take up the crazy bet of recreating the games in real life. And after weeks of work, a successful challenge since he organized his first games in the heart of sets faithful to the series. Video in support. Mr. … Read more

North Korean high school student sentenced to death

A North Korean high school student accused of illegally retrieving the Squid Game series to show it to his friends would be sentenced to death. A disturbing case from North Korea – Credit: Netflix Difficult to miss Squid Game. The Korean series has known a huge success since its broadcast and a season 2 is … Read more

Cookie Hype Thanks to “Squid Game”: The Secret of the Netflix Death Cookies – Folks

So cute and so dangerous! In the Netflix hit “Squid Game”, the sugar cookies caused beads of sweat and fear of death. In the second children’s game in the series, the participants have to break different figures out of a sugar mass with a needle within ten minutes. The more complicated the figure, the harder … Read more

the death toll rises to six after the death of a child

A memorial to the victims on November 23, 2021, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where a driver hit the crowd with his car two days earlier. JEFFREY PHELPS / AP While Darrell Brooks Jr appeared in court on Tuesday, November 23, Susan Opper, attorney for Waukesha County (Wisconsin) in the United States, spoke. “I would unfortunately like … Read more

Natalie Wood’s Sister Says She Doesn’t Expect ‘a Deathbed Confession’ From Robert Wagner Over Star’s Death E! News UK

It’s been almost 40 years since Lana Wood lost her sister – and she’s determined to find out what really happened. In 1981, Natalie Wood’s body was found off Catalina Island in California. The 43-year-old, who was afraid of dark water, wore a red puffer jacket and a nightgown. She had been drinking heavily aboard … Read more

The man who was saved from death hours before being executed with the lethal injection

Drafting BBC News World Three hours Image source, Oklahoma Department of Corrections Caption, Julius Jones keeps saying he’s innocent A few hours before Julius Jones, a black prisoner accused of murder, was executed in Oklahoma, United States, a decision saved him in extremis. The execution of Jones by lethal injection It was scheduled for 4:00 … Read more