‘Benedetta’ Is Much More Than Dildo-shaped Carvings: Paul Verhoeven Reaffirms Himself As The Master Of Excess With A Delusional Secular Jewel

What a complete wonder it is to be able to sit in front of a movie that transpires freedom in equal measure and a feeling — real or false, what does it matter — that the only thing that matters is making the stalls uncomfortable; causing one part of it to roar and squirm in … Read more

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’, Review: Nicole Kidman Shines Again In A Delusional Series

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At the Troadec trial, the delusional mechanics of a couple explained by psychiatrists

During the Troadec trial, at the Loire-Atlantique Assize Court, in Nantes, on June 22, 2021. LOIC VENANCE / AFP Two lanterns approach in the dark. They come to pick us up where the dread of the preceding days had curled us up. We cling to the light, we unfold, we let ourselves be guided. Friday, … Read more

The Adventures Of Jim West: All The Curiosities Behind The Delusional Secret Agent Of The Wild West

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