In Germany, the IG Metall union demands an 8.2% increase in the steel industry

During a demonstration organized by the IG Metall trade union, in Stuttgart, Germany, on October 29, 2021. THOMAS KIENZLE / AFP It is only a small tariff negotiation, which concerns only 80,000 employees in the steel industry. Not enough to introduce major macroeconomic changes. However, the signal is unequivocal: the IG Metall union is demanding … Read more

Public Prosecutor Demands Gaga Muhammad to be Imprisoned for 4.5 Years, Marshel Widianto: Hopefully the Judge’s Decision Can Stay Like That : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Comic Marshall Widianto participated in responding to Gaga Muhammad who was required to be sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in prison and a fine of Rp. 10 million. He also thanked the prosecutor because the demands were close to the sentence they should have been. “Mr. Prosecutor is kind and also the … Read more

Russia presents demands to limit NATO and US influence in its neighborhood

A Russian military exercise in Crimea, an annexed Ukrainian peninsula, on April 23, 2021. AP After new clashes with the West over the Russian troops massed on the Ukrainian border, Russia unveiled, Friday, December 17, its treaty proposals to limit the military influence of the United States and the Treaty Organization. the North Atlantic (NATO) … Read more

Cheick Mahamane Koné, the undocumented migrant who demands justice from Frichti

Cheick Mahamane Koné, in Paris, November 28, 2021. IORGIS MATYASSI FOR M THE WORLD MAGAZINE In his next life, when he will have ” papers “, he hopes he will be “Forklift driver” Where “In guarding” or “Self-service employee, to tidy up the shelves”. These are the dreams of Cheick Mahamane Koné, 30 years old. … Read more

Sixty years after October 17, 1961, in Paris, the Algerian diaspora demands “the truth” about a “colonial massacre”

Demonstration of the Algerian diaspora in Paris, October 17, 2021, sixty years after the repression of a demonstration which had made dozens of deaths. CHRISTOPHE ENA / AP They put on their Sunday best, mimicking their elders sixty years ago. Wise tie, white shirt, jacket without pleats and of course the workers’ cap of the … Read more

Rachel Vennya Escapes During Quarantine, Warganet Demands Clarification : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Rachel Vennya He is still silent about his COVID-19 quarantine violation. As is known, Rachel and her lover, Salim Nauderer were supposed to undergo quarantine for 8 days, after returning from the United States. However, he was released from RSDC Pademangan on the third day of quarantine. After that, the mother of two … Read more

Darmanin demands from the British “the 63 million euros” promised on immigration

THOMAS COEX via Getty ImagesGérald Darmanin, here at the Elysée. PROMISE – Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin on Saturday 9 October called on the British government to “keep its promise” of financial support for the fight against migratory traffic on the French coasts and called for the negotiation of a treaty on the subject between London … Read more

Mila Macheasy demands Rizky Billar’s apology for Twice Ijab Kabul: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Mila Macheasy demanded an apology from Rizky Billar who held the consent agreement twice with Lesti Kejora. “We hope that Lesti and Billar are relieved to admit or apologize and realize that it was wrong,” Mila said at a recent virtual press conference. Also Read: Don’t Want to Imprison Rizky Billar, What’s the … Read more

Is Spiderman leaving Marvel? The legal battle that demands justice for the authors of sagas that generate millions | No Way Home | Steve Ditko | Stan Lee | Doctor Strange | Disney | Spider-Man | United States | USA | USA | Copyright

According to the criteria of Know more One of the biggest battles in the orbit of Marvel It is not for the fate of the galaxy, but for the possession of some of its most lucrative characters. And it is that the multimillion-dollar comic book company has sued, through its mother company Disney, the heirs … Read more

Claims of being raped, ‘S’ demands accountability for Mansyardin Malik : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The ‘S’ woman opened up more of her sex scandals together Mansyardin Malik. He admitted that he had asked Taqy Malik’s father to be responsible. “He promised to marry me. But after that, he couldn’t be reached. I just want to ask, why is he treating me like that?” said ‘S’ as quoted … Read more