Brussels: Serious Corona riots in the heart of Europe – 35,000 on demo – News abroad

Now there is a bang in the heart of Europe! Around 35,000 people marched through downtown Brussels on Sunday to demonstrate against the tightened Corona measures. Including: at least 1,000 violent criminals. The rioters set off smoke bombs, throw large stones, bottles and firecrackers at police officers. With twins they fire marbles at the emergency … Read more

Demo madness in Leipzig: Corona deniers mobilize – counter-protests | Regional

Leipzig – One year after the escalated demo of the “lateral thinker” scene, protests are about to begin again on Saturday. The “Movement Leipzig” wants to demonstrate for freedom and against the Corona measures. A demonstration against compulsory vaccination is also planned. But that’s not all: There will be a whole series of counter-demonstrations, most … Read more

++ Live: Day of German Unity in Halle: start the celebration and counter demo

fromVincent Büssow conclude Katja Thorwarth conclude The republic celebrates the day of German unity. The central celebrations take place in Halle. Several demonstrations are expected. The annual celebrations for the Day of German Unity will take place in Halle on October 3rd. Chancellor Angela Merkel * will give her last speech as Federal Chancellor on … Read more

The demo for the preservation of the Köpi-Wagenplatz ends in Friedrichshain – BZ Berlin

October 2, 2021 8:58 PM Updated 11:07 PM Around 1,000 participants from the left and left-wing radical scene demonstrated on Saturday evening in Berlin against a planned evacuation of the left-wing alternative construction trailer settlement on an occupied property on Köpenicker Straße. Among the demonstrators was a large block of left-wing autonomists dressed in black … Read more

Bei „Fridays for Future“-Demo in Berlin – Atomkraft-Aktivistin attackiert – B.Z. Berlin

B.Z. 24. September 2021 21:18 Aktualisiert 21:19 Übergriff beim „Klimastreik“ von „Fridays for Future“ am Freitag kurz vor der Bundestagswahl in Berlin. Ein bei Twitter kursierendes Video zeigt, wie ein Mann von der Seite eine Frau angreift, versucht, ihr ein Plakat abzuringen. Darauf geschrieben: „Kernkraft gegen Klimawandel!“ Eine Forderung, die offenbar nicht bei jedem Klimaaktivisten … Read more

At “Fridays for Future” demo in Berlin – nuclear power activist attacked – BZ Berlin

B.Z. 24. September 2021 21:18 Updated 9:19 PM Assault during the “climate strike” by “Fridays for Future” on Friday shortly before the general election in Berlin. A video circulating on Twitter shows a man attacking a woman from the side, trying to wrest a poster from her. Written on it: “Nuclear power against climate change!” … Read more

Rocket Lab Set to Launch Astroscale Satellite, Will Demo New Space Debris Removal Tech

Let’s face it – the space junk that’s slowly suffocating our planet is going nowhere. But, as the debris keeps piling up, many companies are working hard to develop new technologies that will capture and remove some of the large-scale garbage from orbit. Space service provider Rocket Lab announced it has signed a dedicated launch … Read more

Astroscale signs contract with Rocket Lab to launch its orbital debris removal demo mission in 2023- Technology News, Firstpost

FP TrendingSep 23, 2021 1:17:33 PM IS Rocket Lab announced that it signed a dedicated launch contract with Astroscale Japan, a subsidiary of Astroscale, for orbital debris removal. An American company, Rocket Lab is a leader in space systems and launch services. Astroscale works on satellite servicing and long-term orbital sustainability. Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket will … Read more

Northrop Grumman Demo Integrates High Speed Connectivity System With L3Harris High Speed Processing Capabilities – SatNews

Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) has validated the open architecture nature of the company’s advanced gateway system offering by successfully integrating and demonstrating a new High Capacity Backbone (HCB) capability provided by L3Harris Technologys with one of Northrop Grumman’s platform agnostic gateway systems. By combining existing gateway translations across existing data links and AI enhanced … Read more

Leipzig: Left-wing extremists ignite firecrackers and smoke pots at demo | Regional

The Black Block pushed its way through Leipzig today. An estimated 5000 participants marched from the center to the Connewitzer Kreuz in protest, wrapped in clouds of smoke and fog. A martial act. And one that escalated and got visibly out of control. Because: Autonomous people hurled bottles, stones and firecrackers at police officers. Shortly … Read more