Former Denver Broncos catcher Demaryius Thomas dies at 33

NFL The player had announced his retirement from American football in 2021. The causes of his death are still unknown. For Agustin Esposito December 10, 2021 01:28 AM EDT December 10, 2021 01:28 AM EDT © Getty ImagesDemaryius Thomas died. Horrible news broke out in the early hours of Thursday in the United States: Demaryius … Read more

The NFL Power Rankings, at the end of Week 12

We reviewed the league’s pecking order after 12 days of activity in the regular season You can enjoy the NFL on Star +; Subscribe here! After 12 weeks of campaign action, this is what it looks like the hierarchical order of the 32 NFL teams, according to the Power Rankings de Trevor Lawrence can’t … Read more

Also in the NFL, time puts everyone in their place

Teams that dazzled at the start of the season have faded once the level of competition rose in recent weeks Surely you have ever heard the phrase: “Time puts everyone in their place“. Always, the start of a season in the NFL brings us some doubts and expectations. Even predicting who will be the best … Read more

The greatest attributes cannot always be measured and Dak Prescott is a clear example

MIAMI – We all dream of ever winning the lottery and while dreaming with my wife about what we would do with the eventual money, which we will probably never end up winning, the same concept always comes to me: I’d rather be the anonymous man with $ 3 million than the $ 500 million … Read more