NASA advisor quits after the agency keeps a $10 billion telescope named after James Webb, who was a senior State Department official during the persecution of gay and lesbian government employees

A NASA advisor quit after the agency decided to keep the name of the James Webb Space Telescope. Chris Gunn/NASA A NASA advisor quit after the agency decided to keep a space telescope named after James Webb. Webb was undersecretary of state in the 1950s when gay and lesbian federal employees were dismissed. Lucianne Walkowicz … Read more

The US Department Of Justice Is Preparing A Second Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google

The US Department of Justice is preparing a second antitrust lawsuit against Google over the company’s digital advertising business, it reported on Wednesday. Bloomberg. According to a source familiar with the matter cited by the media, the US country’s body would have accelerated its investigation against the technology giant. He also indicated that, although a … Read more

Health Department intervenes with a concert by “El Puma”

José Luis Rodríguez’s concert “El Puma” was scheduled to begin at 6:00 pm this Sunday at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in Puerto Rico, but a surprise visit from the Department of Health delayed it and about an hour later they were allowing entry to the public. This newspaper learned that personnel from the Department … Read more

Amazon would prepare the opening of department stores in the United States

Through AFP Published on August 19, 2021 AFP – E-commerce giant Amazon plans to open several department stores in the United States, continuing this internet ogre’s breakthrough into physical retail. The interior of the “4-star” Amazon store, which opened in New York in 2018 – Amazon The first Amazon department stores could see the light … Read more

Documents Show Trump Pressured Justice Department To Delegitimize Elections | Univision Politics News

After the elections he lost to Joe Biden in November 2020, then-President Donald Trump pressured the Justice Department to declare that the process had been “corrupt”, as part of his campaign to delegitimize the result and for which it counted with Republican allies in Congress. Although the allegation was known, it is now supported by … Read more

US Defense Department testing CubeSats to counter enemy missiles

Several superpowers are working on hypersonic missiles, weapons that are very difficult to stop due to their extremely high speed. As the hypersonic missiles rapidly move toward becoming practical weapons, the US is working on systems to combat them. The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) has now launched two nanosatellites – known as CubeSats – to … Read more

The right keeps the Vaucluse department, the left denounces a betrayal

Extract from the campaign video of Dominique Santoni, mayor Les Républicains d’Apt (Vaucluse) for his campaign during the departmental elections of June 2021. THE VAUCLUSE WITH CONFIDENCE / YOUTUBE “What I remember is that in Vaucluse, even when the left wins, it loses. ” Jean-François Lovisolo, socialist mayor of Tour-d’Aigues and departmental councilor of the … Read more