Lake County News,California – Space News: NASA mission helps solve a mystery — why are some asteroid surfaces rocky?

This image shows a view of asteroid Bennu’s rocky surface in a region near the equator. Photo courtesy of NASA. Scientists thought Bennu’s surface was like a sandy beach, abundant in fine sand and pebbles, which would have been perfect for collecting samples. Past telescope observations from Earth had suggested the presence of large swaths … Read more

The Importance of Doodling in Determining Destiny – Asheville Made

Rhona Polonsky has deep pockets full of ideas.Photo by Rachel Pressley Rhona Polonsky’s route to membership in the Kenilworth Artists Association and representation at Mars Landing Galleries was circuitous, international, imbued with curiosity and self-discovery, and defined on her own terms. “When I was a child, I felt like I was artistic but no one … Read more

Bennu The Asteroid Poses More Danger To Earth Than Previously Thought: NASA

Bennu the asteroid poses more danger to planet Earth than previously estimated. According to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the chances of Bennu hitting Earth have risen from one in 2,700 to one in 1,750. Yikes! Bennus is considered one of the most dangerous asteroids in our solar system, and it could hit Earth … Read more

The asteroid Bennu will not threaten the Earth for centuries to come

The asteroid (101955) Bennu was discovered in 1999 thanks to the American LINEAR observation program. Bennu belongs to the category of Near Earth Objects (NEO for short), and to a dangerous subgroup of these objects known as Potentially Hazardous Asteroids, or PHA for short. For this reason, it is important to know its orbit very … Read more