Criticism of Dexter: New Blood 1×10, Sins of the father, now available in Movistar Plus

Every story has an ending, and Dexter: New Blood is no exception. We have already seen the last episode of the season on Movistar Plus, so we go with our verdict. It’s been 10 interesting weeks watching the return of Michael C. Hall What Dexter Morgan, so we prepare for the last episode to say … Read more

Criticism of Dexter: New Blood 1×04: H for hero; Iron Lake is not as safe as it seems

Dexter: New Blood approaches its equator with the fourth episode, where the open plots begin to get much more complicated. It is Monday, and as in the last 4 weeks we return to Iron Lake, New York to meet again with Jim Lindsay, or rather… Dexter Morgan. The fourth episode of Dexter: New Blood, the … Read more

‘Dexter: New Blood’ Retains The Essence Of The Series With An Intriguing But Careless Return

The dark passenger has returned. Eight years after saying goodbye to Dexter Morgan, the psychopath created by Jeff Lindsay returns to television with ‘Dexter: New Blood‘. A miniseries / season 9 that promised to redress the bad taste in the mouth that left us the end of the original series. Will you get it? For … Read more

The Producer Of ‘Dexter: New Blood’ And Michael C. Hall Assure That What Is Coming Is Not Season 9

[Alerta de spoiler: este artículo contiene spoilers del final de la serie de Dexter.] Michael C. Hall and the producers Clyde Phillips y Scott Reynolds were at a San Diego Comic-Con panel to discuss what’s coming in Dexter: New Blood, along with the new cast member Julia Jones. The trio explained why New Blood is … Read more

‘Dexter: New Blood’ Shows Trailer And Announces Its Premiere For November 7

Dexter Morgan Returns. The most famous serial killer on television will return to his old ways in a final season, although this time he will do so under the name of Jim Lindsay. On a cold-weather spiritual retreat, he will soon be back to his old ways in a new ten-chapter season under the command … Read more