“Benefit-Risk Assessment Favors Vaccination” of Children

“The General Directorate of Health received, on December 5, from the Technical Commission on Vaccination against covid-19 (CTVC), the technical position on vaccination” in children from five to 11 years, begins by clarifying the entity in a statement . From this technical position, “which results from international studies and from the consultation of other scientific … Read more

DGS recommends vaccination of children between 5 and 11 years old

The General Directorate of Health (DGS) recommends the vaccination of children between 5 and 11 years old, with priority given to children with diseases considered to be at risk for severe COVID-19. In a statement, the DGS said that the vaccine to be used will be Comirnaty® (Pfizer), which has a positive opinion from the … Read more

DGS recommends mask on the street if distance is not possible and for vulnerable people

In guidance released today on the use of the mask to DGS advises its use “when the occurrence of population agglomerates is foreseeable or whenever it is not possible to maintain the recommended physical distance”. Also for “most vulnerable people”, namely “with chronic diseases or immunosuppressive states with increased risk for severe covid-19”, whenever “they … Read more

On the eve of restrictions relief there are a further 2,595 cases and 14 deaths per covid. Rt below 1 and incidence drops – Coronavirus

Two days away from the lifting of several restrictions due to the pandemic, Portugal registered 2,595 new infections by SARS-CoV-2 and 14 deaths associated with covid-19, according to the DGS bulletin released this Friday. In terms of the risk matrix used for the purposes of deconfinement in Mainland Portugal, the transmissibility index (Rt) has gone … Read more

Incidence rises and Rt is low on day with more cases and 13 deaths due to covid-19

Sandra alves Today at 2:05 pm, updated at 2:45 pm This Wednesday there are 13 deaths from covid-19 and 3452 new cases of infection. Lisbon region with the highest daily values. Incidence increased and Rt went down. Portugal registers a total of 17,320 deaths associated with covid-19 and 960,437 infections by the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus, … Read more

More hospitalized days with fewer deaths and cases of covid-19

Sandra alves Today at 4:19 pm, updated at 4:50 pm Portugal registers over 2625 cases of covid-19 and eight deaths. 1202 people recovered from the disease, but 44 more were hospitalized. The epidemiological bulletin of the Directorate-General for Health this Sunday gives an account of 2625 new infected, which brings to 953,059 the total number … Read more

President of MAG do Benfica does not resign and announces that votes in the last elections will be counted this month – Benfica

This Sunday, Benfica released a statement from the chairman of the General Assembly, stressing that it will not leave office, in response to the request of the movement ‘Servir o Benfica’. In the document, António Albino Andrade adds that “before the end of this month of July, a multinational company will open the ballot boxes … Read more