The National Council of the Order of Physicians appeals the blame inflicted on Professor Didier Raoult

Didier Raoult, in Marseille, on August 27. CHRISTOPHE SIMON / AFP The National Council of the Order of Physicians is appealing the blame inflicted on Professor Didier Raoult on December 3 for promoting hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19, the Council said in a press release on Friday. This call is made « a minima », specified … Read more

Prosecuted for “charlatanism”, Professor Didier Raoult receives a symbolic sanction

Professor Didier Raoult, the boss of the Marseille University Hospital Institute for Infectious Diseases (IHU), during a press conference on Covid-19, in Marseille, August 27, 2020. CHRISTOPHE SIMON / AFP A blame for Professor Raoult. The council of the New Aquitaine order sanctioned the Marseille microbiologist on Friday, December 3, targeted since the end of … Read more

Professor Didier Raoult will know on Friday if he is sanctioned by the medical order

Professor Didier Raoult, on November 5, after having been heard by the disciplinary chamber of the Order of Physicians. PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP Did Professor Didier Raoult violate the code of medical ethics by promoting hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19? The disciplinary chamber of the order of physicians renders its decision, which can go as far as … Read more

Didier Raoult heard by the disciplinary chamber of the order of physicians

Didier Raoult, during the press conference on the Covid-19 situation in Marseille, in south-eastern France, August 27, 2020. CHRISTOPHE SIMON / AFP He is the target of two complaints from his peers for breaches of the code of ethics. The controversial Professor Didier Raoult, champion of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment against Covid-19, must be heard … Read more

the Paris police prefect Didier Lallement lays a wreath “in memory of the dead”

The Paris police prefect, Didier Lallement, laid a wreath of flowers at the Saint-Michel bridge in Paris on Sunday morning in tribute to the victims of October 17, 1961. JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP The prefect of police of Paris, Didier Lallement, laid a wreath of flowers near the Seine, Sunday, October 17 in the … Read more

“To deprive Spain of the ball is impossible”, warns Didier Deschamps before the final

In a press videoconference, from the San Siro stadium in Milan on Saturday, October 9, Didier Deschamps does not want to ignite: “If you think so, yes, we might be the favorites, but we’re not going to call ourselves that.” On the eve of the Nations League final, which will be played on Sunday between … Read more

Between Didier Deschamps and Eric Cantona, the trial will not take place

Didier Deschamps had lodged an appeal, and the court of appeal confirmed the first instance decision on September 9. PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP The dispute between the two men dates back to the eve of Euro-2016, when Didier Deschamps accused Eric Cantona of defaming him when he testified in the British daily The Guardian that … Read more

Didier Maïsto, former boss of Sud Radio, launches his WebTV

Didier Maïsto, in Paris, June 17, 2016. IBO / SIPA He could have become a columnist on a news channel, where he would have shot his arrows against the government and the media among other protest professionals. But Didier Maïsto, former boss of Fiducial Médias, the owner of the monthly Lyon Capital and Sud Radio, … Read more

Didier Raoult “could create phenomena” of vaccine rejection, according to Emmanuel Macron

Professor Didier Raoult, August 27, 2020, in Marseille. CHRISTOPHE SIMON / AFP On the second day of his visit to the Phocaean city, Emmanuel Macron was welcomed, Thursday, September 2, in a school on 13e district, before detailing an emergency plan for Marseille. Responding to journalists’ questions, the president considered that Professor Didier Raoult had … Read more