Android: Need the COVID Digital Certificate always at hand? See how to do

Today, in order to access a number of places, it is necessary to present the EU COVID Digital Vaccination Certificate. On your smartphone, it is very simple to access the SNS 24 app, authenticate and access one of the available certificates, including the vaccination certificate. However, with the rush of everyday life, we don’t even … Read more

Digital in the climate trap

At a repair center for smartphones and tablets on the British island of Jersey in 2019. VINCENT ISORE / IP3 PRESS/MAXPPP Were you ashamed to fly? Soon you might feel guilty about using the internet. The global digital ecosystem is responsible for 2% to 4% – according to studies – of greenhouse gas emissions on … Read more

Laleilmanino Releases NFT, Digital Based Art Collection : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Artists are now busy presenting NFT. After Syahrini, now the music group Laleilmanino is also trying to present NFT. As is well known, NFT is a digital asset that exists on a public blockchain and serves as a record of ownership. NFTs are sold and bought using digital currencies. Also Read: After 7 … Read more

Sorare’s success thanks to his digital footballer vignettes

On the website, the price of player cards varies depending on their rarity, but also on the actual performance of the footballers. SORARE.COM “I was struggling to find an idea for a Christmas present for my brother. We always offer ourselves the same thing: a perfume, a clothes… This year, I wanted to be … Read more

A brief dive into Donald Trump’s digital base

WASHINGTON LETTER Former US President Donald Trump, in Washington, November 24, 2020. MANDEL NGAN / AFP He immediately called out to me by my first name. “Piotr, enough of these tyrannical rules! Biden’s freedom-killing vaccination requirement is a threat to our national security. ” It was October 27. Donald Trump Jr., son of the former … Read more

Shireen Sungkar Shares Business Tips in the Digital Age for Mothers : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Shireen Sungkar the spirit of inviting mothers, aka mothers, to start consciously doing business. He was also happy to see their enthusiasm for hearing inspiring stories about their business in the midst of their respective busy lives as housewives. “I see amazing mothers, we take care of children, at home take care of husbands, … Read more

“Fintech madness is the last territory of the digital revolution”

Outside the offices of Brazilian fintech Nubank, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in June 2021. NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP Losses and profits. David Velez’s story alone sums up the explosive encounter between the digital revolution and the financial madness that has gripped the world for ten years. A young Colombian engineer who left to study in … Read more

Change of head at the interministerial digital department, in the midst of an internal crisis

Discomfort in the interministerial digital department Aurelia “Misunderstanding”, “violence”, “suffering” : the same words were repeated throughout the interviews. More than twenty agents from the interministerial digital department (Dinum), responsible for supporting all ministries in their 2.0 transition, had agreed to testify to the World the deterioration of their working conditions since the reorganization of … Read more

KURZWEIL KA70 – digital piano for schoolchildren and advanced pianists

The piano, if you want the piano, is an instrument with a history so that even the Rothschild family could be ashamed of their property in front of it. The first mention of his ancestors dates back to the 15th century, however, as the creator real piano The Italian instrument manufacturer Bartolomeo Cristofori is most … Read more

The Bank of Canada should issue a digital currency: C.D. Howe Institute

The Bank of Canada says its looking into digital currency (REUTERS/Blair Gable) As cryptocurrencies grow in popularity, the C.D. Howe Institute says the Bank of Canada should issue a digital dollar to take advantage of advances in payments technology. The think tank says the digital currency should be a stablecoin, in a new report. Unlike … Read more