45th Mostra Internacional de Cinema: discover 5 selected titles that are among the most anticipated in the program

From October 21st to November 3rd, the 45th edition of the traditional Mostra Internacional de Cinema, in São Paulo, takes place in a hybrid exhibition format International Film Show. For two weeks, the show will feature 265 titles from various countries. The show is divided into sections: International Perspective, New Directors Competition and Mostra Brasil … Read more

Discover The Place Where C. Tangana And Nathy Peluso Recorded The Sexy Video Clip For “Ateo”

The video clip that accompanies the new song by C. Tangana with Nathy Peluso, “Atheist”, not only draws attention to the sensual dance what both singers do, but for the architectural beauty where they recorded. Through the video you can see the interior of the Cathedral of Toledo, Spain, which is one of the most … Read more

Children’s Day! Discover parties, shows and toys made for kids

short Music Non Stop no Facebook In free association, what comes to your mind when you think about electronic music? Full lane? DJ with that very strong bass? People dancing with lollipops in their mouths? Maybe that and more, but few people will connect electronic music with kids. And in this vibe of October 12th, … Read more

NASA to Use Artificial Intelligence to Discover Rogue Exoplanets Wandering the Galaxy

Researchers have developed a new method to detect rogue planets outside the solar system, worlds that wander their galaxies alone without a parent star. The technique, devised by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center scientist, Richard K. Barry, unites astronomy’s future—in the form of the soon-to-launch Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope—with its past, a method used … Read more

Discover the environment that Perseverance 3D explores

It has become famous around the world since landing on Mars in February 2021, determination He treats us every day His detailed notes on rocks Ambient, Ambient Reviews, and Personal Photos And of course with the number of flights, already (13!), of her amazing helicopter companion cleverness. In order to bring the general public closer … Read more

Astronomers Discover More Than 450 New Objects in Our Solar System

The outer limits of the Solar System constitute a strange and mysterious place. Beyond Neptune’s orbit, where it’s cold and dark, a swarm of icy objects called the Kuiper Belt orbits the Sun, considered more or less unchanged since the birth of the Solar System. Because it’s so dark and distant, and the objects so … Read more