the new discoveries of a suspended archaeological treasure

On the walls of the Cosquer cave, there are 73 representations of hands, mainly negative. A motif over-represented in cave art. LUC VANRELL The sky is blue and the sea calm, this September morning, over the port of Pointe-Rouge in the south of Marseille. On the platform, three men fill a cylindrical box with electronic … Read more

Adventures in History · Debuting metal detector, man makes one of the greatest discoveries in Danish history

Ole Ginnerup Schytz had never used his new equipment, but was surprised by the find; and with your luck! Archeology enthusiast, the Dane Ole Ginnerup Schytz he was looking for new hobbies when he bought a metal detector. Little did he imagine that, when using the equipment for the first time, he would find one … Read more

Monument to the Discoveries has been vandalized by a Parisian who is no longer in Portugal

The Monument to the Discoveries, an architectural work from the Estado Novo period and a monumental landmark of the Discoveries located in Lisbon, was vandalized in the early hours of Saturday to Sunday. In it was written the following anti-capitalist message: “Blindly sailing for monney, humanity is drowning in a scarllet sea”, which in a … Read more