India’s Space Odyssey: Discovery Plus’ documentary maps the nation’s eventful journey to Moon and Mars

The documentary is a must-watch for all Indians as it lays down how the country has a really unique space programme. (Image via IE) India’s Space Odyssey: India is growing leaps and bounds in the space sector now, functioning independently and taking up missions that would place it among elite countries in terms of space … Read more

Rekindle the Lights … at the Discovery Palace

Flames. May you live in interesting times. Among the English, this ironic blessing wishes to live in “interesting” times. A very equivocal expression intended for one’s enemies, because it implicitly considers that times of great change, however interesting they may be, are often synonymous with misfortune. More than for anyone, no doubt, the current era … Read more

Einstein Ring Explained: Age of NASA Hubble Space Telescope Recent Discovery Is 9 Billion Years Old!

A new study revealed that the Einstein Ring discovered by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope a few days ago was around 9 billion years old. That was when the universe was barely a third of its current age of 13.8 billion years. The celestial body might resemble a ring. However, Digital Trends said the source of its … Read more

Following the 1998 and 2003 Shuttle Disasters, ‘Discovery’ Launched America Back into Space | At the Smithsonian

David Kindy Daily Correspondent As the countdown ticked closer to liftoff on September 29, 1988, the world held its breath. All eyes were on the television showing the launchpad at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, many daring not to blink in case tragedy should strike again. Discovery was ready to go back into the weightless … Read more

In Morocco, discovery of 120,000-year-old bone sewing tools

The smugglers cave less than 20 kilometers from the Moroccan capital Rabat, September 18, 2021. FADEL SENNA / AFP An international team of researchers has identified the oldest bone tools ever discovered for making clothes, 120,000 years old, in a cave near Rabat, we learned from a Moroccan archaeologist who took part to research. “This … Read more

discovery of four homemade bombs in Rouffach, a man arrested and indicted

The 26-year-old was boasting within his training center for making bombs. The management of the establishment alerted the police. An alert taken very seriously by the investigators who decided to search the home of the respondent. Article written by Posted the 09/08/2021 6:10 PM Reading time : 1 min. A 26-year-old young man was arrested … Read more

In Ukraine, discovery of the remains of thousands of victims of the Stalinist purges

According to estimates by Ukrainian historians, several hundred thousand Ukrainians were executed or imprisoned in gulags during the Stalinist purges in the 1930s. PETER LANGER/VANTAGE / DESIGN PICS / PHOTONONSTOP Mass graves containing the remains of thousands of people massacred in the 1930s during Stalinist purges have been discovered in Odessa, southern Ukraine, authorities said … Read more

Portuguese discovery can help reduce covid-19 to a cold

dragana991 / Canva A team of Portuguese researchers has discovered three compounds that can help reduce the impact of covid-19 to a mere “constipation”. The research was all “made in Portugal” and, for now, it is in the secret of the Gods. Each of these discovered compounds can, “in individual action”, reduce “60 to 70% … Read more