the creator is already discussing a season 3 with Netflix!

While Hwang Dong-hyuk didn’t seem ready for a Squid Game Season 2, Season 3 is already a topic of discussion at Netflix. Not long ago, the show’s creator wasn’t very keen on developing a sequel when he told Variety, “It’s pretty tiring just thinking about it.” But the series having been a universal success, it … Read more

Nikita Masepin after discussing it with Vettel: “A real gentleman”

( – The fact that Nikita Masepin and Mick Schumacher were not punished for stopping Sebastian Vettel at the end of Q1 in Zandvoort was not primarily thanks to the grace of the FIA ​​race stewards. Rather, it was more likely Vettel’s appearance at the hearing before the commissioners that had a decisive influence on … Read more