Marvel Reportedly Bringing Back Robert Downey Jr “Thor: Love And Thunder”

Although Marvel has already moved on and is in a new phase, some actors from previous stages are unforgettable. Among them is Robert Downey Jr who came to the studio in 2008 to play Iron Man. While he wasn’t the first Avenger, he was the first to hit the big screen as part of the … Read more

It’s Not Iron Man: Robert Downey Jr.’s Iconic Role Is Very Different From Marvel

It was 2008 and the fandom world wasn’t prepared for what was to come: the Marvel Cinematic Universe was going to start with the first installment of Iron Man, with the talented Robert Downey Jr. on paper made to measure for you. Tony Stark, the billionaire who escaped the clutches of the Ten Rings Organization … Read more

After Robert Downey Jr .: These Actors Could Become Marvel’s Next Iron Man

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a very long list of plans for the future. More and more films and series will join the saga that began in 2008 with Iron Man. And is that although new stories and renewed characters are incorporated, the truth is that none will have the impact of the superhero played … Read more

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Marvel: The Reason Tom Cruise Turned Down Iron Man And Robert Downey Jr. Accepted The Role

Robert Downey Jr. impressed all the fandom of wonder with his interpretation of Tony Stark, the millionaire who, after being kidnapped by The Ten Rings organization, invented armor and became the popular superhero Iron Man. The 2008 film served as the starting point for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he is one of the best … Read more

It’s Not Iron Man: Robert Downey Jr. Chose The Best Movie He Made And Surprised His Fans

Robert Downey Jr. changes teams and works on a DC Comics project Robert Downey Jr. succeeded with Iron Man win the hearts of Marvel fans. With that role in 2008, he gave life to one of the comic book characters created by the legendary Stan Lee. For more than ten years it was part of … Read more

Robert Downey Jr. celebrates Earth Day by planting trees – Celebs.Cool

Thanks to the popularity and the millions they earn per year, it is common for franchise players to become active participants or investors in associations and projects that seek to help society in various ways. Some decide on environmental actions, while others opt for civil action issues such as racism, sexism, and social injustices. At … Read more

Robert Downey Jr. reflected on Marvel’s success – Celebs.Cool

As is customary, the Super Bowl left many surprises and fundamental moments, not only in the sports field with Tom Brady earning, for the seventh time, a ring, which made him the player who has won the most super bowls, even more than any team in the NFL, but also in the world of entertainment, … Read more

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Did Robert Downey Jr. sign his return to the Marvel universe with Iron Man? – Celebs.Cool

Officially, Robert Downey Jr.’s work as Iron Man came to an end after the intense twilight Avengers: Endgame. But the shadow of Tony Stark, the man with whom the Marvel Universe began in 2008, is still very elongated. And the latest rumors suggest that the actor has renewed his contract for a future marvelita project. … Read more