The Drums, the Dreams, the Clip-Clop of Horses – Outlook Valley Sun

First published in the May 26 print issue of the Outlook Valley Sun. I love a parade …On a brassy morning when the sun splashes off the tubas. I love the trombones in front, piccolos taking up the rear. I like the guys with shovels behind what Dylan Thomas called the “the clip-clop of horses … Read more

In Montreal, Moment Factory dreams of being the first multimedia entertainment studio

An immersive experience created by Moment Factory and offered to travelers at Grand Central Station, New York, December 9-11, 2021. BENNETT RAGLIN / AP Like any self-respecting tech company, Moment Factory cannot make its architects, designers, technicians, producers and sound artists work other than in a “cool” atmosphere: the old red-brick industrial building, located in … Read more

San Pedro, the small Ivorian town that dreams of modernity

To not miss anything on African news, subscribe to the newsletter of World Africa from this link. Every Saturday at 6 a.m., find a week of current events and debates treated by the editorial staff of World Africa. View of the port of San Pedro, Ivory Coast, September 13, 2016. PATRICK FORT / AFP Tenon … Read more

Music Prague Band sends debut album “Colorful Dreams” to the world

New bands form like mushrooms after the rain, but from time to time the already established formations can split. The Czech Republic is not exceptional in this respect either, as has Music in Prague, which also literally fell apart in 2015. The result is two parts, of which the Prague Music Band is currently releasing … Read more

Dune Spoiler Interview: Denis Villeneuve On The Ending, Paul’s Dreams, And What’s Coming In Part Two | Movies

Contains spoilers for Dune: Part One – but no major book spoilers. After spending much of the past two years in our own homes, Denis Villeneuve gave us all what we needed. With the arrival of his cinematic adaptation of Dune (tackling the first half of Frank Herbert’s sprawling sci-fi novel), the filmmaker took audiences … Read more

Iceland dreams of a promised land of data centers

Verne Global corporate data center site in Reykjanesskagi, Iceland, July 27, 2021. PAWEL SWIDER / VERNE GLOBAL Helgi Helgason’s footsteps echo along the deceptively calm white corridor: on the other side of the wall, thousands of computers sizzle day and night. “ They are high performance computing machines, he explains. They carry out crash test … Read more

Julio Urías Confesses To ESPN His Two Dreams: Match ‘Toro’ Valenzuela In Victories And Cy Young

Julio Urías confesses to ESPN his two big dreams for the season that is about to conclude in MLB: equaling El Toro Valenzuela’s figure of 20 wins and aspiring to the Cy Young The Mexican Julio Urías will seek to reach 20 games won when Los angeles dodgers Face the Milwaukee Brewers and with it … Read more

Dreams of Kings Of Convenience will arrive at Colors Of Ostrava 2022. They will present a new album

The cult Norwegian indie-folk-pop duo Kings Of Convenience becomes another star of the Colors of Ostrava 2022 festival. dreamy and impressive songs with a touch of bossa nova reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel. Since 1999, Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe have gradually become monuments to an unconscious revolution that they did not anticipate. That … Read more

Space Architecture designed to make Elon Musk’s dreams of living in space a reality!

Outer space has always fascinated me, and there are many who believe that if things keep running the way they are on Earth, future generations might end up calling it home! The Moon and Mars are some of the alternate living options that are being taken into consideration, and as we send out spaceships to … Read more

Barça Dreams Of Three Stars … And Two Are Real Madrid Targets

“Olmo, the goal, Haaland, the dream and Pogba, the opportunity”. This is how it goes this Sunday Sports world, in an article in which Barcelona’s market plans are outlined. The headline is more than clear. To by Dani Olmo they were already in August, but economic conditions did not allow for frills. They understand that … Read more