Stefano Ferri, Today is another day the straight entrepreneur who dresses as a woman: “It wasn’t easy”

Stefano Ferri, the heterosexual entrepreneur who loves vextending as a woman, it is told to Today is another day during an interview with Serena Bortone during which she talks about her book and remembers her path, confessing that it was not easy at all. Stefano is in effect a Crossdresser, hence a person who likes … Read more

The Dresses, Makeup, Ceremony And More Details Behind Tanya Charry’s Romantic Wedding

Read transcript there seem to be problems with theconnection. u had theopportunity to be there.maity: i decided to go to massbecause it has a veryspecial for you, for tania,we made a retreat together and thisfriendship takes us until agoa few years, many years nowwith that the race began.I was very happy to see Taniaparade there, … Read more

Are you getting married this summer? Get inspired by some of the most iconic wedding dresses in history

From the most emblematic royal weddings to the links of the stars of HollywoodThese are some of the wedding dresses that history has made unforgettable. The most transgressive dress Wedding between Briggitte Bardot and Jacques Charriere With gingham print and in pink, Briggitte Bardot chose a design from Jacques Esquerel completely alien to the more … Read more