US swimmer rescued from drowning by her coach in artistic swimming event

Anita Alvarez was not breathing after her performance in the free solo artistic swimming final at the Budapest Worlds on Wednesday June 22. As the young woman sank to the bottom of the water, her trainer jumped into the water to rescue her, after trying to warn the rescuers, in vain. “We were very scared. … Read more

Powerwolf is drowning in a werewolf cliché on “Call Of The Wild”

Over the years of its existence, the German band Powerwolf has gained a solid position on the metal scene, and thanks to its talent for writing catchy and at the same time entertaining its characteristic image of wolf infidels, it has gained crowds of fans. Their eighth series, “Call Of The Wild”, is a celebration … Read more

Drowning Slaps: ShowMatch Continues To Fail In Rating And Marcelo Tinelli Is Running Out Of Strategies

Two weeks ago Marcelo tinelli decided to give a spin to ShowMatch. And instead of focusing on the media scandals that fueled the show for more than a decade, the host decided to bet on emotion with different tributes not just the celebrities who participate in The academy, but some lesser known figures. But the … Read more