Why The Dune Movies Will Never Show Inside The Spaceships

Denis Villeneuve says fans will never see the inside of Dune’s spaceships as he intends to keep space travel as “mysterious as possible” in the films. Director Denis Villeneuve has explained why his Dune films will never show the inside of the Spacing Guild’s spaceships. Based on the best-selling sci-fi epic by Frank Hebert, Villeneuve’s … Read more

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Why Is Dune a Sci-Fi Movie With No Computers? Let’s Explain

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Dune Raised $ 40 Million In The United States

The new one Dune, directed by Denis Villeneuve, grossed $ 40.1 million in theatrical release this weekend, although it was also available on the HBO Max platform at no added charge. The feature film has thus achieved the best theatrical release for Warner Bros. since the studio decided to release all its titles simultaneously on … Read more

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Put the cards on the table, an adaptation of Dune it seemed to be doomed in handover. Not only because of the existing experience from the work that David Lynch did in the eighties, or the subsequent television miniseries that still has its handful of defenders, but also because of the very tenor of Frank … Read more

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