Squid Game: 10 Times Gi-Hun Earned Other Contestants’ Respect!

Gi-Hun is the main character of Squid Game who fought with admiration. Here are 10 moments he earned the respect of contestants! Desperate to never disappoint his daughter again, Gi-Hun fought honorably without ever colliding with the other Squid Game contestants! MCE TV unveils 10 times when he earned the respect of his competitors. Good … Read more

The Figure Of The Fortune That Ximena Duque Earned Outside Of Soap Operas Was Revealed

Ximena Duque-Adkins Giraldo She is one of the most popular actresses in Colombia, but decided to move away from acting so as not to depend financially on television. In this way, he joined an enterprise of skincare and hair care that makes her very happy, entertained and earned her a great fortune. “In almost two … Read more