Forced by Ridho 2R to eat his licked marks, wife: smells, really feels really good: okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ridho 2R reaped scathing public criticism after uploading a video with his wife, Syifa Aisyah Fauziah on Instagram, on January 15 last. In the video, he is seen sucking food and licking it. He then took the food out of his mouth and asked his wife to eat it. Syifa then refused the … Read more

it will finally be possible to eat or drink “quickly” on the train

Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on December 27 that the consumption of drinks and food would be “prohibited in public transport” from January 3, 2022. GONZALO FUENTES / REUTERS There is the rule and there is the exception. It is still possible to eat and drink ” quickly “ in case of need in public … Read more

Radishes and grapes in the bus shelter, in the meeting room and in your lunch box – Give Color Door should make us eat more fruit and vegetables

The professional jury selected 39 nominees from all applications. Between December 13 and January 16, consumers can choose their favorites via the voting website. What have you been nominated for?Anne Marie Borgdorff: “We have been nominated with the Give Color campaign, an initiative of the National Action Plan for Fruit and Vegetables and the Food … Read more

Anxiety about Olivia Nathania being imprisoned, Nia Daniaty: What will she eat later? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Senior singer Nia Daniaty couldn’t help but cry while talking about the princess, Olivia Nathania. As is known, Olivia has officially become a suspect and a prisoner of the Polda Metro Jaya, since November 11, 2021. singer Glass Cups he admitted, at this time he was still shocked and very devastated to know … Read more

five unmissable recipes to eat delicious and healthy – Celebs.Cool

The World Vegetarian Day It is commemorated on the first day of October since the Vegetarian Society of the United States proposed it in 1977 and since it was ratified a year later by the International Vegetarian Union. Also, many consider it the beginning of a whole month or a whole week to dedicate to … Read more

People who eat this type of food have a lower risk of Covid-19

Dand according to a new study cited by the journal Galileo, eating a healthy vegetable-based diet is synonymous with a lower risk of infection with the new coronavirus and, among those who have already become ill with Covid, a lower risk of experiencing severe symptoms . “Our findings are a call to governments and stakeholders … Read more

Winner Healthy Innovation Awards – Children who harvest themselves eat more vegetables

‘Where are the onion trees?’ “Sir, I don’t like potato fries.” ‘Aren’t carrots produced in the Albert Heijn?’ Just a few of the comments and questions Martin and Linda de Ruiter receive weekly from children and adults on their farm. The self-harvest farm not only makes it easier for people to eat vegetables and potatoes, … Read more