Cold is here to stay and… it’s already snowing in Portugal. here are the images

Qthat the cold is here to stay… we are already mentalizing ourselves. However, this Saturday, a ‘newness’ arrived, with parts of the country being presented with the fall of snow. Many internet users shared images of the phenomenon on social networks. The truth is that the polar air mass that hit Portugal this week brought … Read more

Germany detects Omicron; 61 infected arrived in Amsterdam

PPortugal reported 3,205 new cases of infection and eight more deaths within 24 hours, according to the bulletin released by the Directorate-General for Health (DGS). Flights to and from Mozambique will be suspended from 00:00 on Monday, announced the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI), also imposing a quarantine on passengers from a number of African … Read more

He was detained for 42 years for triple homicide. After all, it was innocent

Kevin Strickland was sentenced to life in prison in 1979 in Missouri, USA, for a triple homicide he never committed. More than 42 years later, he has now been found not guilty and released. The case is being reported by several North American media. According to them, Kevin was just 18 years old when he … Read more

Now Hubla, Chatpay Raises $60M in Grade A in New Passion Economy

Arthur Alvarenga, CEO, and other Hubla founders: startup wants to help create online businesses (Marcus Desimoni/Nitro) A passion economy (or Passion Economy) assumes that it is entirely possible to live on passions as a source of income. In the pandemic, this theory gained even more traction. With the advent of online broadcasts, it became simpler … Read more

deconstruct the economy and work

Delivered. What weaknesses in the world economy has the Covid-19 pandemic exposed? Can we irrigate the economy with a philosophical and ethical reflection? Can you run an economy like you fly an airplane? How does gross domestic product (GDP) moralize our economic relations? Felwine Sarr and Gaël Giraud answer these questions, and many others as … Read more

Spain reactivates coal power stations in the week Portugal closes Pego

Last Friday, when the Pego Thermoelectric Power Plant ran out of coal stocks, more than 30 trucks were in a great bustle transporting 100,000 tonnes of this mineral from the port of Ferrol, in Galicia, to the As Pontes Power Station, in the same Spanish village. Despite having been out of operation since July, and … Read more

They build the “fastest in the world” all-electric airplane

The light aircraft Spirit of Innovation has set three new records during its test flights, according to the British manufacturer. Photo: Rolls-Royce. Rolls-Roys, the British manufacturer of luxury cars and aeronautical engines, has communicated that An all-electric aircraft of his creation has set three new world records, making it the world’s fastest aircraft of its … Read more

‘Pipoca’ rocks Ana Morina live: “Worst ambassador of sorority”

Ana Morina was the competitor expelled from ‘Big Brother’ this Sunday night, the 21st, and upon arrival at Venda do Pinheiro studio, she was confronted with the voracious opinion of Ana Garcia Martins (‘A Pipoca Mais Doce’). “I think that Ana has two merits in this program: the first is that she is probably the … Read more

Caution. The food that increases the risk of cancer and type 2 diabetes

SAccording to an article published by The Sun, experts warn that there is a type of food that is responsible for an ‘outbreak’ of cancer and for cases of type 2 diabetes. Health authorities recommend that adults not eat more than 70g of red or processed meat a day. Official guidance states that red meat … Read more

The Emmaüs platform, “a snub to the classic economy”

Maud Sarda and Thomas Marcotte co-founded the Label Emmaüs cooperative 5 years ago. D.R. “I don’t know what I would do without Emmaus », Launches Maud Sarda in a burst of laughter shared with Thomas Marcotte. The accomplices co-founded the Label Emmaüs cooperative 5 years ago. These two know each other well and are happy … Read more