NASA satellite spots giant planets on the edge of destruction

An artist’s rendition of what a planetary system similar to TOI-2337b, TOI-4329b and TOI-2669b might look like, with a hot Jupiter-like exoplanet orbiting a dying star. Karen Teramura/University of Hawaiʻi Institute for Astronomy Of all the known worlds, three Jupiter-sized gas giants spotted by a NASA satellite will likely become the first to be swallowed … Read more

Tarn-et-Garonne: a decapitated man found on the edge of a departmental road

Severed forearms, severed head and put in a plastic bag… This is the macabre discovery made by a couple of walkers on the departmental road 65 of the town of Albias about ten kilometers north-west of Montauban . It was around 4 p.m. when firefighters were called on Friday, December 24. At the end of … Read more

NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Preparing To Glide Over “Raised Ridges” and Land Near Edge of “South Séítah”

Animation illustrating NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter flying on Mars. Credit: NASA With Flight 15, Ingenuity began the journey back towards “Wright Brothers Field” at “Octavia E. Butler Landing,” the site where Perseverance touched down with Ingenuity in February. This flight was performed with the recently-increased rotor speed of 2,700 rpm. After reviewing the data from Flight … Read more

Fernando Santos on the ‘razor’s edge’. Can one of these names be the successor?

Portugal failed, this sunday, the objective of qualifying directly for the Mundial’2022, after succumbing to the serbian counterpart by 1-2. Objective failed, but not only. The quality of the national team was, once again, far from what was desired. If more than 58,000 spectators supported the country from beginning to end at the Estádio da … Read more

Richard Fain leaves his position as CEO

Richard Fain Thirty-three years after his appointment as CEO, Richard Fain leaves the role of CEO of the Royal Caribbean group. This was announced this morning by the same company, underlining how the decision will become effective starting from next January 3. Current chief financial officer, Jason Liberty, will succeed Fain as CEO and he … Read more

In a few dozen minutes to the “edge” of the world. The US Space Force is counting on suborbital cargo

The US Space Force has announced the aforementioned competition for offers under the Hyperspace Challenge 2021 program. As the announcement shows, innovative concepts for the use of space capabilities that can be adapted to the needs of the US space forces are being sought. For the next stage (it is to take place on December … Read more

Surprising Standing Waves at Edge of Earth’s Magnetic Bubble Found in NASA Data

An animated illustration of magnetospheric waves, in light blue. At the front of the magnetosphere, these waves appear to be still. Credit: Martin Archer/Emmanuel Masongsong/NASA Earth sails the solar system in a ship of its own making: the magnetosphere, the magnetic field that envelops and protects our planet. The celestial sea we find ourselves in … Read more

Julie Delpy And The Portrait Of The Women Of 40 And 50 In The Series On The Edge

“The 50 is not the new 30”Julie Delpy said during a recent video call from a hotel room in Paris. He was there to promote his television creation, the 12-part series At the border, which he wrote, supervised, and stars on Netflix. “There is something almost cruel about women: if we can no longer procreate, … Read more

Balloon to fly people to edge of space

Balloons have entered the space tourism race as a tech company has announced plans to float passengers to the edge of space. Flying to the stratosphere in a balloon might make the most hardened passenger queasy but the CEO and president of World View, Ryan Hartman, said it is very safe. “The ability to ascend … Read more