Treated at a Rehabilitation Home, Elsa Even Made the JNE Trio: Okezone Celebrity

soap opera The Bond of Love is always interesting to follow. After being able to bring the audience to be carried away with feelings and upset over the conflicts in it, this series is now even more exciting with the presence of the JNE trio. So, who are they? The JNE trio consists of three … Read more

Synopsis The Bond of Love October 19, 2021: Irvan Shocked to Know Elsa, Roy’s Killer and Jessica’s Friend: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- soap operas Love Bond October 19, 2021 featuring Irvan Pratama who met Aldebaran in his office to talk about Andin’s past who had been in prison for 4 years. At the meeting, Al explained that it was Elsa who was actually the perpetrator of Roy’s murder. Hearing that, Irvan He also asked whether Elsa, … Read more

Bond of Love October 15, 2021: Irvan Help Catch Terrorist, Elsa Escapes from Rehabilitation Center : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– soap operas Love Bond October 15, 2021 is getting more and more curious. In this episode, Irvan (Oka Antara) helps Alfahri’s family to catch the terrorist who has been targeting Rosa’s mother (Sari Nila). Quoted from the Instagram account @ikatancinta.mncp, Aldebaran (Arya Saloka) strongly agrees with Uncle Irvan’s neatly arranged plan to trap the … Read more

Elsa Pataky congratulates Chris Hemsworth on Father’s Day with a funny photo with her children – Celebs.Cool

Elsa Pataky has reopened her most familiar album to show an image that reflects her routine in Australia with Chris Hemsworth and his three children. This time he has done it to celebrate Father’s Day, a day in which the protagonist of Thor has been honored with a funny picture that has enchanted the artist’s … Read more

Elsa Hurts Repeatedly, Andin’s Meeting With Her Stepsister Makes Haru : Okezone Celebrity

ANDIN finally met Elsa who is currently undergoing rehabilitation because she is mentally disturbed. The meeting of the brothers was full of emotion and tears broke out. Andin carefully tried to talk to his sister. Unable to hold back her tears sincerely, Aldebaran’s wife stroked Elsa’s hand. Andin firmly told Elsa that the affection she … Read more

Synopsis Ikatan Cinta 22 September 2021: Elsa Depression, Andin and Aldebaran come to visit: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Synopsis The Bond of Love September 22, 2021, tonight is getting more exciting. Andin, who was worried and sad to hear about Elsa’s unstable mental health condition, and finally had to be treated at a mental rehabilitation center, decided to visit her sister. Visiting Elsa at the rehabilitation home, Andin was seen accompanied … Read more

Love Bond 14 September 2021: Elsa Severe Depression : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The Bond of Love tonight, Andin again received unpleasant news that made his heart sad and confused. The bad news this time is related to Elsa’s mental health condition. Talking privately with Mama Rosa in the room, Mama Rosa told Andin about Elsa’s mental health condition, which was very poor. Revealed through a … Read more

Feel the Sensation of Being Elsa in the Bond of Love by Joining the Acting Challenge! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Hi everyone! There is a good opportunity for those of you who like acting, especially for those of you who really like watching Bonds of Love. Now the newest competition in Home of Talent on RCTI+ has arrived, the Acting Challenge! Let’s take advantage of the opportunity to experience being a member of … Read more

Synopsis The Bond of Love August 31, 2021: Elsa Threatens Andin, Mama Rossa is Almost Accident! : Okezone Celebrity

NINO had visited Elsa imprisoned to reveal that this was his last meeting with his wife. Elsa was furious and threatened Andin after Nino’s arrival. Nino tells Elsa that Reyna is her son. Elsa is angry with Andin for revealing this fact to Nino. After Nino left prison, Elsa immediately called the wife of Aldebaran. … Read more

Synopsis The Bond of Love August 18, 2021: Ricky Pebinor! Shoot Elsa in Prison : Okezone Celebrity

RICKY (Rendi John) seems to never give up on winning the heart of Elsa (Glenca Chysara). Ricky is even willing to be the winner of people’s wives (pebinor) even though Elsa is still the wife of Nino (Evan Sanders). Ricky meets Elsa and dares to confess his love. Elsa was transfixed by Ricky’s statement. As … Read more