Barbaba Bert out the video of “Come and embrace the sun” with Gianni Donzelli

Barbara Bert launches the video of his latest single, Come and embrace the sun, in duet with Gianni Donzelli of the Audio 2.Online the videoclip of the new single “Come and embrace the sun” feat. Gianni Donzelli (AUDIO 2) The song, released on all digital platforms for DDA Records, was anticipated in August on the … Read more

Kriss Hatta’s sister, Cyndyana Lorens Decides to embrace Islam: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The sister of actor Kriss Hatta, Cyndyana Lorens, announced that she had embraced Islam. Through his Instagram account, this former flight attendant seems to have officially converted to Islam since May 19, 2021. In her upload, Cyndyana seems to upload a photo of a statement that she has embraced Islam. He even said … Read more