French hospitals now encouraged to buy their protective masks and gloves in France or in Europe

In a mask manufacturing factory in Saint-Barthélemy-d’Anjou, near Angers, March 31, 2020. POOL / REUTERS French manufacturers have been asking for this measure for over a year. A circular now establishes rules for calls for tenders which will encourage the 3,000 hospitals and clinics in the territory to buy their masks and gloves from French … Read more

To succeed in the 2024 Olympics, French sport encouraged to bet everything on medal-winning disciplines

Kevin Mayer (right), silver medalist in decathlon at the Tokyo Olympics and only French medal in athletics, August 5, 2021, in Japan. RICHARD HEATHCOTE / GETTY IMAGES VIA AFP Man is not known to be in soft consensus. Neither at the head of French handball, which he brought to the top, not today at the … Read more

NASA has encouraged the United States to prevent a space station gap – Canoom

According to industry officials and other consultants, to avoid a “space station gap” with geopolitical implications, NASA must make sure that the commercial space stations are prepared before International Space Station (ISS) is retired. NASA’s low-Earth-orbit commercialization strategy envisions the establishment of one or more private space stations by the end of this decade, allowing NASA to … Read more

Brazil: Jair Bolsonaro takes a step back to try to defuse the institutional crisis encouraged by himself | International

Bolsonaro is preparing to participate in a virtual summit with his BRICS counterparts this Thursday in Brasilia.DPA via Europa Press / Europa Press Jair Bolsonaro tries to defuse a time bomb that he himself had primed with his threats and inflammatory speech. The Brazilian president has released a statement on Thursday in which he expresses … Read more

MotoGP, 2021, Austria: Oliveira encouraged with “3 position improvement” – MotoSport

Home   >   Autosport   > MotoGP, 2021, Austria: Oliveira encouraged with “3 position improvement” By Paulo Araújo on 14 August 2021 17:02 Miguel Oliveira says that his hand still bothers him and qualifying was difficult, but he was satisfied with qualifying in 9th in the 3rd row “The right hand got worse after … Read more

Charlotte Caniggia Was Encouraged To An Experience On The Verge Of Censorship In A Mexican Reality Show

After being eliminated from The ShowMatch Academy, Charlotte Caniggia joined the Mexican reality show Acapulco Shore 8 (MTV). From the reality’s Twitter account they had already anticipated: “Poor Charlotte, she doesn’t know what awaits her”. “Charlotte’s arrival in reality is right in the final episode of the season, which is super strong, with a lot … Read more

Natalie Pérez Was Encouraged To The White Outline Imposed By Lady Gaga

The eyeliner trend in different colors is all the rage in the field of fashion and celebrities from all over the world keep adding to their outfits this touch of glamour that adds personality and style. Actress and singer Natalie Perez He was not far behind and surprised his followers with a close-up photo where … Read more