In the footsteps of Thomas Pesquet, young engineers dream of the stars

Passing through the door of the Estaca engineering school workshop, one would think you were entering Professor Tournesol’s workshop. Tools are everywhere, wheels, boxes, computers are scattered around every corner. A boy dons a neoprene suit in the middle of a boathouse, while three meters from him, a small group bustles around a futuristic rounded … Read more

Between computers, engineers and citizens, RTE teams have carried out unprecedented work

Network supervision room at RTE, in Saint-Denis, February 26, 2018. GERARD JULIEN / AFP Calculations and their complexity called for new computers. The machines are located somewhere in France, in data centers kept secret, security issue. Monday, October 25 in the morning, Thomas Veyrenc is preparing to see at least two good years of work. … Read more

Former SpaceX Engineers Designing Nuclear Microreactor as ‘Clean Energy Alternative to Fossil Fuels’

Governments all over the world are looking at energy security as a priority to power their industries, businesses, homes, and offices. But there are finite sources of energy and the technology to harness renewable energy is still decades away from a wider adoption. US-based company Radiant is trying to address this challenge by developing a … Read more

Nuclear power: Former SpaceX engineers build portable micro-reactor

Teaser-Quelle: Radiant Nuclear Once they developed technologies for energy sources on Mars for SpaceX, now they have founded their own start-up: A team of engineers wants to develop the world’s first portable, emission-free energy source with a micro-nuclear reactor. Quelle: Radiant Nuclear Visualization of the portable micro-reactor from Radiant Nuclear. Doug Bernauer is the founder … Read more

Florencia Saravia-Akamine, one of the few sound engineers in the country

short Music Non Stop no Facebook In this edition of Diálogos Profanos Non Stop – a podcast that weekly brings a woman or dissent from independent music to talk about her career -, we talk with sound engineer Florencia Saravia-Akamine. If you went to a show by Gal Costa, Chico César, Luiza Possi, Filipe Catto, … Read more

After Working For Elon Musk These Engineers Have Created An Electric Boat Worth 250,000 Euros | Electric Car Forum

After working at SpaceX, a group of engineers wanted to try their luck creating an exclusive 100% electric boat with 475 hp, to demonstrate how zero-emission mobility is not at odds with fun in the liquid element. As a result of these ideas, the Arc Boat company, based in Los Angeles, has been created, which … Read more

Canadian engineers and scientists develop technology to measure, track, and reduce COVID risks inside buildings

ParticleOne provides virus security to businesses and communities looking to reopen safely. GUELPH, ON, Sept. 9, 2021 /CNW/ – Businesses are confidently reopening their doors with an accurate understanding of their buildings’ COVID risk levels and an effective game plan, thanks to ParticleOne, a new Canadian company developed by world-renowned experts in building science, air … Read more

SpaceX Hires Engineers for Crew Starship’s Life Support System Amid Blue Origin vs. NASA Lawsuit

SpaceX is still hiring engineers that will work on the Crew Starship, or also known as the Human Landing System, for its Life Support System even as the lawsuit of Blue Origin against NASA’s contact with Elon Musk’s company is still ongoing. (Photo : by Joel Kowsky/NASA via Getty Images)CAPE CANAVERAL, FL – APRIL 23: … Read more

NASA Engineers Work To Give Satellite Swarms a Hive Mind

By Karl B. Hille, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center September 7, 2021 Two satellites on similar orbits collect valuable perspectives on the same part of the atmosphere. Credit: NASA/Sabrina Thompson Swarms of small satellites could communicate amongst themselves to collect data on important weather patterns at different times of the day or year, and from … Read more