Dispute over Kavala escalates: Erdogan: German ambassador undesirable person

Saturday 23 October 2021 Dispute over Kavala escalates Erdogan: German ambassador undesirable person At the beginning of the week, several ambassadors in Turkey, including the representative of Germany, protested against the detention of the cultural sponsor Kavala. President Erdogan sees this as a provocation. Now he declares the Germans as well as several other diplomats … Read more

In Lebanon, a demonstration against the judge investigating the explosion at the port of Beirut escalates

Explosions, gusts and vehicles set on fire … at least one person was killed and several others were injured during this rally organized by Hezbollah to denounce the role of the examining magistrate Tarek Bitar. MOHAMED AZAKIR / REUTERS Bursts of automatic weapons, explosions, vehicles set on fire, photos of the US ambassador burnt… Shots … Read more

Satellite War Between Amazon And Space X Escalates: ‘Rules Are For Others, Not Musk’

The war between Amazon and Space X is still open. Or what is the same, between Jeff Bezos, founder and majority shareholder of the first, and Elon Musk, co-founder of the second and owner of Tesla, among other companies. Both have already starred in several confrontations in the past, now focused on the private aerospace … Read more

Conservative campaign escalates: Texas offers bounty against abortion

Saturday, September 4th 2021 Conservative campaign escalates Texas offers abortion bounties From Roland Peters Abortions have been legal in the United States for nearly 50 years, and Conservatives have been rioting against it for almost as long. Now the Supreme Court is putting a rigorous Texas law in place that virtually bans abortion. This could … Read more