Genoa, End of Year celebrations including exhibitions, festivals, regattas and shows

Genoa during the month of December and during the Christmas holidays, offers numerous initiatives that will enliven the city: historical and artistic nativity scenes, markets, historical shops, concerts, open theaters; the Confeugo ceremony, which evokes ancient traditions, for the first time a winter edition of the Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics; Circumnavigando Festival circus … Read more

Squid Game: a Youtuber recreates the series’ events in real life, with one exception

News culture Squid Game: a Youtuber recreates the series’ events in real life, with one exception Published on 11/29/2021 4:49 PM If the Squid Game series, bombshell of the fall, has left its place in the spotlight to Arcane, it remains an inexhaustible source of creativity for content creators. The proof with MrBeast, an American … Read more

Tragedy in Wisconsin: Man Who Run Over the Parade Identified as Darrell Brooks, Facing 5 Murder Charges | Univision News Events

Waukesha City Police, located about 20 miles west of Milwaukee, clarified that at this time there is no evidence that it was a terrorist attack and that Brooks, 39, acted alone when he sped by with an SUV in the middle of the parade. “We have information that the suspect prior to this was involved … Read more

Genshin Impact: Version 2.3 Events Shadows of Snow and Dust

These are all the new events that you already have available with the new game update and that will take you even to 2022. With the arrival of the version 2.3 “shadows of snow and dust” to Genshin Impact we will have the possibility to participate in a series of events to obtain exclusive five-star … Read more

Young Dolph and other rappers killed in violent events in recent years

Rapper Young Dolph shot to death in bakery 1:02 (CNN Español) — Young Dolph died Wednesday in a shooting in Memphis. He joins the list of other rappers in the US who have died in violent events in recent years. Here are some of them. Young Dolph Young Dolph was reportedly shopping for cookies at … Read more

Jungfrau Zeitung – From injury to a sporty comeback

Spital STS AG | 15. November 2021 Spital STS AG invites you to the next lecture in the popular series of doctors’ events. This will take place next Wednesday in the Lötschbergsaal Spiez. Rolf Hess, chief physician at the Clinic for Orthopedics / Traumatology, Spinal Surgery and Sports Medicine, and other sports medicine specialists in … Read more

9-year-old boy in coma dies after being trampled on at the Houston Astroworld Festival | Univision News Events

Ezra Blount, the nine-year-old boy who was admitted to a hospital on life support after suffering serious injuries during the human avalanche that occurred last Friday on the first day of the astroworld music festival of Houston, Texas, died this Sunday, bringing the death toll to 10. The youngest, who was being treated at the … Read more

Two Iowa teenagers charged with the murder of a Spanish teacher at their school | Univision News Events

Two high school students from Fairfield, Iowa, have been accused of the death of a Spanish teacher in an incident that has shocked the community. Nohema Graber, 66, was a Spanish teacher at Fairfield High School since 2012, reported USA Today . The police confirmed this Thursday that the body found on Wednesday in Chautauqua … Read more

Ikmal Tobing, Goeslann Gaet Beery Saint Loco, Prokes Campaign for Music Events : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The pandemic that has not yet ended did not make Ikmal Tobing and Goeslann silent. Recently, they collaborated with Saint Loco’s vocalist rapper Beery Manoch in their latest project. Their collaboration turned out to get a positive response from the fans. Their stage action at Liquid Yogya seems to carry an implied message. … Read more

Alec Baldwin Firing Incident: Guns Responsible for “Rust” Does Not Know Where Real Bullets Came From – Current Events

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, gun officer at the low-budget western “Rust”, says she “has no idea where the real bullets came from” that were recovered by authorities during the investigation into the Alec Baldwin shooting that killed the director of photography Halyna Hutchins. The version comes through a statement from its lawyers, who say the 24-year-old gunsmith … Read more