In Greece, the difficult reconstruction of the island of Evia after the summer fires

By Marina Rafenberg Posted today at 01:56 Reserved for our subscribers ReportageIn August 2021, more than 50,000 hectares of the Aegean Island were devastated by fire. Today, most of the aid promised by the Greek state is still pending. Resin collectors, ranchers, farmers and beekeepers try to survive. On the winding road to Limni, a … Read more

In Greece, new fires on the island of Evia and north-west of Athens

Firefighters battling the blazes north of Athens, August 6, 2021. ALEXANDROS AVRAMIDIS / REUTERS Firefighters and water bombers were fighting two new fires on Monday 23 August in the south of the island of Evia and north-west of Athens. On the island opposite Attica, the forest fire that broke out on Monday morning was moving … Read more