Drew Barrymore’s Dark Past And Her Strength To Break Out Of Excess

Drew Barrymore she’s been in the limelight since she was little and she has undoubtedly become one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood. With his great charisma and talent He has managed to stay at the top, expanding his success among films, series and his own ventures. Nevertheless, things weren’t always rosy for Drew … Read more

‘Benedetta’ Is Much More Than Dildo-shaped Carvings: Paul Verhoeven Reaffirms Himself As The Master Of Excess With A Delusional Secular Jewel

What a complete wonder it is to be able to sit in front of a movie that transpires freedom in equal measure and a feeling — real or false, what does it matter — that the only thing that matters is making the stalls uncomfortable; causing one part of it to roar and squirm in … Read more

“Donda”, the latest provocation from Kanye West, all in excess

The megalomaniac singer’s 10th album was released by surprise this weekend. For this nearly two-hour record combining avant-garde rap, religious felicity and intimate life, the artist has not changed his mind. Attempt to summarize the project in five points. All friends present Ariana Grande, Jay-Z, The Weeknd, Travis Scott… As is often the case on … Read more

Fines for excess salt on bread or butts on the floor with a uniform table

The new limits, which for individuals range from 150 euros, for light infractions, up to 2,000, for very serious ones, and for legal persons from 250 euros to 90,000 euros, result from the new Legal Regime of Economic Administrative Offenses (RJCE), published on January 29th and which goes into effect today. The RJCE amends dozens … Read more

The death of John Belushi: days of excess, depression and the role of Robert De Niro the night he suffered a lethal overdose

“I can’t stop now until the movie is over. I’ll be fine”. That told him John Belushi to your wife Judy while filming The Blue Brothers, one of his great successes in the cinema. His couple I was trying to stop the compulsion the actor had: he was an addict. That dependency that dominated him … Read more

Taxes in election programs: the state exhausts citizens in excess anyway

opinion Election programs More tax? The state exhausts its citizens in excess anyway Stand: 09.07.2021 | Reading time: 2 minutes Dorothea Siems advises taxpayers to read the election programs carefully Quelle: picture alliance/Zoonar/benis arapovic; Claudius Pflug The Germans will not actually work for their own account until the next week – until now, the entire … Read more