NASA shares plans for its most exciting and ambitious Mars mission

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, BGR may receive an affiliate commission. NASA is planning to send astronauts on a 30-day mission to Mars. The space agency shared some of its plans for the mission earlier this week. It’s all just a concept at the moment, … Read more

Hunt’s first trailer promises to be one of the most exciting movies of the year

If Squid Game was already clocked too fast, you should stay away from Hunt. With Lee Jung-jae and Heo Sung-tae, two stars of the Netflix hit meet there. You hardly have time to catch your breath the action in the trailer is so relentless. Check out the English trailer for Hunt here: Hunt – Trailer … Read more

Home cinema insider tip: This highly exciting action thriller with a “Squid Game” star as the killer is still far too unknown – Kino News

A “Squid Game” star switches sides: In the action thriller “Midnight”, spiced up with slasher elements, Wi Ha-joon terrorizes a Seoul neighborhood. Anyone who has missed this highly exciting insider tip can now catch up on it in the home cinema. Busch Media Group +++ Opinion +++ Is it a slasher that turns the idea … Read more

5 Facts Behind Nagita Slavina’s Exciting Video, A Woman’s Figure Revealed, Number 2 Makes a Upset : Okezone Celebrity

VIDEO Exciting like Nagita Slavina with a duration of 61 seconds, the facts began to be revealed. Yes, the original figure of the woman’s face in the exciting video is definitely not Nagita Slavina. This has been dismantled by one of the fan accounts of Raffi Ahmad’s wife. The original figure has blonde ombre hair … Read more

More Exciting, Angel Karamoy Plays Ratu Cangkir Gading in MNCTV’s Tinular Sinetron: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The colossal soap opera ‘Tutur Tinular’ is always awaited by viewers by presenting an exciting story of competition between Arya kamandanu and Arya Dwipangga in the soap opera ‘Tutur Tinular’, which is produced by the MNC Picture production house, which airs every Tuesday – Sunday, at 21.00 WIB. This time, the soap opera … Read more

Adele’s Exciting Concert Proposal – Mind Life TV

There are magic proposals and the next level is the most special marriage proposal that we have seen in recent years. Last weekend took place ‘Adele One Night Only’, a concert by the singer that, in addition to discovering the new songs from her next album, was also one of the most special of her … Read more

Halfway through a private SpaceX mission: photos from an altitude of 600 km, exciting return soon

After the successful start of the first purely private orbital mission “Inspiration4” on Thursday night, the four crew members have now reached halftime. The picture book launch on the two-stage Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX shortly after 2 a.m. German time early Thursday was followed by two maneuvers of the Dragon capsule with its own … Read more

US firm sees ‘exciting’ moment as space tourism booms

Space Adventures will use a Russian Soyuz rocket for its return to the booming space tourism industry. As competition in space tourism heats up, one of the first companies to offer space travel to fee-paying customers is launching a comeback by blasting into orbit with a Japanese billionaire. The US-based company Space Adventures and Russia … Read more

‘The most exciting beep I’ll ever hear’ – NASA Earth Expeditions

Mechanical and electrical support equipment for NASA’s Landsat 9 observatory being processed inside the Integrated Processing Facility at Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, on June 24, 2021. The equipment includes a secondary payload adapter and flight system for a group of microsat payloads, called CubeSats, that will launch with Landsat 9 as secondary payloads. … Read more

Princess soap opera for Prince Reaches 500 Episodes, the Story is More Exciting and Captivating! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– soap operas Princess for Prince (PUPA) produced by MNC Pictures which is broadcast on RCTI every day at 17.45 WIB, the story is getting more exciting and captivating and always able to seize the emotions of the audience. Starring Ranty Maria and Verrel Bramasta, Princess to Prince tells the story of the struggle of … Read more