Garibaldi Hotels confirms the expansion, Umbria and Calabria to strengthen the offer

For Garibaldi Hotels it is time for new investments. The Italian hotel group has just signed a contract for a structure in Umbria (Montone- Perugia) for which an investment program has already been planned. «It is an ancient medieval village – he comments Fabrizio Prete, general manager of Garibaldi Hotels -. In the past it … Read more

The expansion of The Student Hotel continues, announcing new finance for 300 million

The Student Hotel Florence Lavagnini A loan of an additional 300 million euros, guaranteed by the shareholders of the company Aermont and Apg. The Dutch company specializing in hybrid hospitality solutions The Student Hotel strengthens the capital to support their expansion plans. At the moment the group specifically plans to build seven new facilities in … Read more

how financial players are supporting oil and gas expansion and fueling the climate crisis

Fossil fuel site in northern Russia, 2018. JULIE NEDELEC-ANDRADE / HANS-LUCAS It is a unique and fragile territory, which shelters jewels of biodiversity and helps to regulate the climate of the entire planet. But also a hostile zone, with extreme climatic conditions, which make any of the most dangerous economic activities. Despite these limitations, the … Read more

Global Directed Energy Weapons Market Size and Share Sees steady Expansion by 2027 – Stillwater Current

The Directed Energy Weapons Market Research Report Study includes the money earned by market providers’ sales when calculating market size. Primary and secondary research are used to calculate the revenue gained from market sales. Secondary research identifies the significant players operating in the market around the world, and a full analysis of the top vendors in … Read more

Łukasiewicz-ILOT: contract for the expansion of the rocket and satellite propulsion center

The announced contract for the extension of the office and laboratory building on the premises of the Institute (as part of the ongoing project: “Laboratory Center of Rocket and Satellite Propulsion”) was solemnly concluded on August 12 this year. – its contractor is Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Ogólnego “KARTEL” SA with its seat in Jędrzejów. The contract … Read more

SpaceX has entered into a $150 million development agreement with the City of Waco for the expansion of its McGregor facility.

Featured Photo: SpaceX’s rocket development and testing facility in McGregor, south of Waco, will undergo a range of infrastructure improvements and facility expansion. Image: SpaceX Posted: 9-8-2021 by Art Benavidez McGregor (McLennan County) — SpaceX has entered into a $150 million development agreement with the City of Waco for the expansion of its McGregor facility. … Read more

SpaceX reveals first Starlink ‘Dishy’ production figures, teases major expansion

A SpaceX executive has revealed the first concrete Starlink user terminal (dish) production figures and plans for imminent upgrades. Speaking at 2021’s annual SATELLITE conference on September 7th, SpaceX chief financial officer Bret Johnson says that the company is currently producing around 5000 Starlink dishes every week, equating to an annual capacity of a quarter … Read more

“Dune”, literary universe in infinite expansion

Paul Atreides and his father Duke Leto (Kyle MacLachlan and Jürgen Prochnow) in David Lynch’s adaptation of “Dune” (1984). UNIVERSAL / DINO DE LAURENTIIS COMPANY / COLLECTION PROD DB “Dune. Chronicles of Caladan. Volume I: Le duc ”(Dune. The Duke of Caladan), by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, Robert Laffont,“ Ailleurs & demain ”, … Read more

Fire. Firefighters try to stop the expansion of the Castro Marim fire

The fire has already done damage to buildings. José Rodrigues says he only had the clothes on his back. He says that the strong wind caused the flames to surround the house. 58 people were displaced during the night to the population support zones, in scattered villages and in “different points of the theater of … Read more