These pretty women dare the experiment of a lifetime

“Wedding at first sight” is starting a new round. The KURIER reveals which women are there and what made them participate. Sat.1 Do I give marriage vows to this completely unknown person? A person I didn’t know until now, never talked to him, never touched him, never kissed him? Do I trust the experienced experts … Read more

Rocket Lab’s next launch will include booster recovery experiment – Spaceflight Now

A view inside Rocket Lab’s factory in New Zealand, where Electron boosters are lined up in an assembly facility. The rockets with red markings are tagged for recovery missions. Credit: Rocket Lab Rocket Lab said this week that its next mission, set for launch Nov. 10 after delays caused by a coronavirus lockdown in New … Read more

Inside the Experiment to Create Mars on Earth | Science

Photographs by Cassandra Klos Text by Jennie Rothenberg Gritz When Cassandra Klos was growing up in rural New Hampshire, it was easy to see the stars. She traced the constellations with her finger and imagined how it would feel to travel among them. As a college art student, she launched a photo project about Betty and … Read more

“La Uruguaya”, An Unusual Film Experiment That Defies The Rules

Argentine Sebastián Arzeno and Uruguayan Fiorella Bottaioli star in “La Uruguaya”. (Credit: photo courtesy of Esteban Madriaga) (CNN Español) — In the streets of Montevideo, the filming of “La uruguaya”, a film based on the novel by the Argentine Pedro Mairal, is already underway. So far, nothing out of the ordinary: a film that starts … Read more

SpaceX shoots four space tourists alone into space – it’s a daring experiment

Düsseldorf On Sunday morning, the rocket and space capsule rolled onto launch site 39A in Cape Canaveral. A little later they were erected, 78 meters high, and anchored. The static fire test then took place on Monday morning: All nine Merlin engines were successfully ignited for a few seconds. The weather also played along. On … Read more

Matthias Maurer starts in October

Matthias Maurer is scheduled to take off for the ISS on board a space capsule from the private US company SpaceX at the end of October. Matthias Maurer wants to give Europe access to space – AFP / Archive Ad the essentials in brief The 51-year-old Matthias Maurer flies to the ISS in October. Numerous … Read more

El criptoSalvador, the first days of an experiment country | Economy

These days the most expensive hotels in the capital of El Salvador, but also the boutique hotels for surfers on the coast, have been filled with young people with an American accent who arrived to closely follow the landing of the cryptocurrency. They walk like a cult in T-shirts that have a capital B in … Read more

NASA’s Extreme Ultraviolet Variability Experiment to Help Reduce Sun Exposure During Space Travel

By NASA  //  September 10, 2021 Solar Dynamics Observatory Satellite launched in 2010 The EVE payload is loaded onto a cart for transport at the White Sands Missile Range. (NASA image) (NASA) – It’s best not to look directly at the Sun unless you’re one of NASA’s Sun-observing instruments. And even then, doing so will … Read more

‘Countdown: The Space Mission Inspiration4’: Elon Musk Plays The Self-promotion With A Documentary Experiment On Netflix Called For Controversy

Camouflaged with very, very little documentary subtlety about Elon Musk’s latest space conquest project, This curious Netflix program has been arousing controversy since its arrival on the platform. Some of his critics claim, like this criticism of ‘The Guardian‘, that propaganda exercises of this caliber should not be allowed on a payment platform. And they … Read more