AWS: The Numbers That Explain Jeff Bezos’ Bet That Wall Street Frowned Upon 16 Years Ago

In 2006, Jeff Bezosfounder of amazonmade a “risky bet” that wall street looked with bad eyes. The then founder of the most famous online buying and selling site on the web wanted to make the leap to cloud computing and offer it as a service. And despite the fact that the financial world preferred that … Read more

Who Are The Billionaires Who Became Richest In 2021 And How To Explain The Incredible Increase In Their Fortunes

The 500 richest people on the planet had a spectacular year. Getty ImagesElon Musk leads the list well ahead of the rest of the super-rich. The combined fortune of these “super-rich” reached the all-time record of US$8.4 billion, an amount much higher than the size of the economy of great powers such as Japan, Germany … Read more

We explain the crisis in Kazakhstan, shaken by unprecedented violence

Scorched car wrecks and bullet casings litter the streets of Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city, Thursday, January 6. For five days, the country of Central Asia has been shaken by a protest movement unprecedented in its history. The demonstrations, peppered with violence, were strongly repressed by the authorities, who reported “tens” dead and more than a … Read more

Lionel Messi with COVID-19 | Doctors explain how his condition as an athlete helps him face COVID-19 | PSG | NCZD DTCC | SPORT-TOTAL

According to the criteria of Know more In the year of the World Cup much is expected of Lionel Messi. And the first news that was heard of the Argentine from PSG is that tested positive for COVID-19Therefore, he is isolated with his family at home in Rosario. Yesterday, the star had to return to … Read more

ICE is leading the search for the children of ‘El Chapo’ and not the DEA. We explain why | Univision Drug Trafficking News

The night that Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman arrived at a New York airport, ending his long criminal career at the helm of the Sinaloa Cartel, The two agents who escorted him were wearing jackets with the initials of the agencies that took the recognition for the recapture of the drug trafficker: give (Drug Enforcement Administration) … Read more

Is it common to be sad at the end of the year parties? psychiatrists explain

With the end of the year, there is also a time for changes in daily life and a break from routine. For many children and adults, Natal e ain New they are dates expected throughout the year, opportunities to get together with loved ones and celebrate with moments of great joy. For other people, however, … Read more

Near-Earth Asteroid May Help Explain the Mysteries of the Oumuamua

Astronomers have observed an object that looks like the interstellar object ‘Oumuamua – but unlike the first known interstellar visitor, this one has likely been an inhabitant of the solar system for billions of years. When the interstellar object 1I / ‘Oumuamua was first sighted in the solar system in 2017, we had never seen … Read more

Wanda Nara – Icardi, La China breaks the silence: “I don’t have to explain, but I think that monogamy is not natural”

Eugenia «La China» Suarez breaks the silence. The model and actress at the center of the scandal and betrayal of Mauro Icardi to his wife a Wanda Nara, responded to Wanda’s recent accusations on live TV. And told her truth. Read also> Serena Grandi: «The body tormented by cosmetic surgery and medical malpractice. At home … Read more

An unlicensed bus, 46 dead, seven survivors: a tragedy that still no one can explain

An investigation was opened to investigate the cause of the bus accident that killed 46 people (including 12 children) in the early hours of Tuesday in Bulgaria. It remains to be seen what led to the accident. “Human error by the driver or a technical failure of the vehicle” are the initial hypotheses raised by … Read more

Macron and Johnson explain and differ on a possible “de-escalation”

The President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, in Rome, during the G20 summit, Sunday, October 31. ANDREAS SOLARO / AFP Neither image nor joint declaration, the tête-à-tête between Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson was eagerly awaited Sunday, October 31, on the sidelines of the … Read more