Elon Musk explains how Mars city will make humanity interstellar

Humanity needs to prepare to go interstellar before it’s too late, Elon Musk explained last week. On Wednesday, the SpaceX CEO explained on Twitter how the spaceflight firm’s latest launch would help humanity protect Earth against asteroids. The long-term goal, however, is to build a self-sustaining city on Mars that would ensure humanity’s survival in … Read more

Amouranth explains the conditions that must be met to stop creating content on Twitch and other platforms

Controversial streamer Amouranth is making sure she is not missing for anything when her retirement rolls around and has shared some of her plans for when she stops creating content on Twitch and other platforms. Be a public figure on social media and a content creator seems to lead to having to accept that fame … Read more

PS5 is not present in the toy catalogs 2021: it would be misleading advertising, explains FACUA

Stock problems will cause console shortages this Christmas, and PS5 has fallen out of the traditional 2021 toy catalogs: it would be misleading advertising. The holiday sales campaign is right here (and Black Friday, right around the corner). Although will be an “atypical” Black FridayAccording to experts, due to the shortage of many products, caused … Read more

Mark Cerny explains how PS5 was created and the influence of the developers on its design

Mark Cerny explains the “brutal” influence of the developers and their meetings on the design of PS5. The console architect has been talking about this process and more through a video. Mark Cerny, from Sony, has explained how PS5 was created and how the developers influenced the design. Because, sure you are aware, but the … Read more

Could we actually use wormholes for space travel? New study explains

A new theory has attempted to explain whether wormholes, a theoretical connection of two separate points in spacetime, can be used as a viable solution to space travel by future humans. But what are wormholes, exactly? Discovered by legendary Jewish physicist Albert Einstein and American-Israeli physicist Nathan Rosen, who coined it as the term “Einstein-Rosen … Read more

Apple explains why the MacBook doesn’t have a touch screen or Face ID

After Apple presented the new MacBook M1 equipped with SoC Max and M1 Pro, many asked why Face ID technology was not put on the notch, as it is one of the most advanced systems for user identification. In addition, Apple could have taken the opportunity to put the screens of touch-sensitive Macs, something that … Read more

Science & Technology Article Explains Why Astronauts Are Vulnerable to Depression

BEIJING, Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Space travel and exploration is bound to become more common in the future, and astronauts will most certainly have to spend more time in space during missions. By now, it is well established that prolonged exposure to the harsh conditions of space environments is harmful to the mind and body. … Read more

Is the single-family house “nonsense”? Emmanuelle Wargon explains herself after her criticized remarks

Charles Platiau via ReutersEmmanuelle Wargon explains herself after her comments criticized on the “nonsense” of the single-family house (illustrative photo taken on September 15, 2020 -REUTERS / Charles Platiau) HOUSING – Clear the land. On the evening of this Friday, October 15, the Minister for Housing Emmanuelle Wargon made a point of making a “point … Read more