Virgin Orbit and Astroscale Explore Partnerships on Space Debris

Virgin Orbit’s Cosmic Girl and LauncherOne conducted a capstone launch Virgin Orbit and Astroscale announced a new MoU to collaborate on satellite servicing, that could include work together on launches, policy, and a potential joint offering. The two companies have agreed to cooperate on a series of space initiatives for sustainability and on-orbit servicing. According … Read more

NMSU students explore new technology for the ‘New Space Era’

LAS CRUCES – Engineering students at New Mexico State University are working with aerospace industry leader Northrop Grumman on projects that may someday solve issues for military and commercial satellite missions with CubeSats — miniature space vehicles that have a big impact on our lives today and the promise of even more for the future. … Read more

As space travel picks up pace it’s time to explore what may happen to our bodies if we die there

Temperature is a key factor in decomposition. On the Moon, for example, temperatures can range from 120°C to -170°C. Bodies could therefore show signs of heat-induced change or freezing damage A representational image of an astronaut in space. Shutterstock As space travel for recreational purposes is becoming a very real possibility, there could come a … Read more

UAE to launch mission to explore Venus, land on asteroid

The United Arab Emirates is launching a new space mission, this time planning to be the first Arab nation to successfully land on an asteroid, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced over Twitter. Today, among the 50 projects, the UAE launched a new space mission… a mission to … Read more

‘We’ve Gone to the Moon, But There’s so Much More to Explore’: VOX Space’s Jeff Trauberman on Investing in Space for National Priorities

Jeff Trauberman, VOX Space Outside of government, space has traditionally been the domain of big, well-established entities. VOX Space is looking to change that. A wholly owned subsidiary of Virgin Orbit, the company offers a fresh take on satellite launch in support of the defense and intelligence communities. Jeff Trauberman, vice president of government affairs, … Read more

NASA’s Lucy mission toward Jupiter will explore eight never-before-seen worlds

An artist’s concept of Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids. Recent results suggest the rocks are uniformly dark with a hint of burgundy. NASA Far out in Jupiter’s orbit lie the Trojan asteroids — fossils from the rock collection that spawned the giant planets over 4 billion years ago. These hovering time capsules could hold keys that unlock … Read more

Explore the Size and Share of the Directed Energy Weapon Market in 2021, as well as the Industry Forecast to 2027 – Stillwater Current

Global Directed Energy Weapon Market Shows Steady Growth Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis The global Directed Energy Weapon market report provides the information regarding the latest developments and innovative strategies adapted by the competitive players in across the globe. The report also covers the latest news of the Directed Energy Weapon market to understand the growth … Read more

This VR experience lets you explore the International Space Station… and it’s as amazing as it sounds

Think about what VR actually is. In the literal sense VR, of course, stands for ‘virtual reality’. Let’s examine that phrase for a moment, shall we? Without getting too philosophical, we can all agree on what reality is. But, it’s worth remembering that ‘virtual’ has a double meaning. While it means existing digitally, not physically, … Read more

The creator of ‘Downton Abbey’ continues to explore the English aristocracy with ‘Belgravia’ after portraying the New York of 1880 in ‘The Gilded Age’

From ‘Downton Abbey’ to ‘Belgravia’, passing through the Gilded Age of New York, Julian Felowes is an expert in recreating the life of other times reflecting the difference of classes. ‘Belgravia’ is his latest work, a six-episode miniseries about secrets, lies and scandals that dot London high society. By Maria G. Lomas – 07 May … Read more

Explore Trends and COVID-19 Impact on Security Robots Market 2021 Research Report and Industry Forecast till 2027

The new research report entitled Global Security Robots Market 2021 provides a detailed and complete global coverage of market data from 2016 to 2018. The Security Robots report begins with the overview of industry chain structure and defines the market growth rate, current situation, trend, size, and classification of the industry on the basis of market top players, … Read more