Exploring the great indoors at Orlando attractions – Orlando Sentinel

You kind of forget how sizzling an Orlando summer can be. I wilted after one theme park hour one morning last week and sweated out a list of indoor (translation: air-conditioned) alternatives. There are many in town that mix well with an afternoon in the pool, but I leaned into Central Florida attractions with something … Read more

‘Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds’ exhibition is a must for every fan

LOS ANGELES — If you plan to be anywhere near Los Angeles between now and February next year, a trip to the “Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds” exhibition should absolutely, positively feature in your plans. Opening this week at the Skirball Cultural Center — located just north of the Getty Museum, in-between Bel Air and Sherman … Read more

Why We’re Exploring the Moons of Mars

Artist impression of the MMX spacecraft descending to the surface of Phobos (based on the spacecraft design in FY2019). Credit: JAXA Dr. Ryuki Hyodo shares the science behind JAXA’s upcoming MMX mission to the Martian moons, and the unique features of this journey to Mars’s domain. In February this year, the world watched in awe … Read more

Forget Wheels, NASA Seeks Alternative Rover Motion Techniques for Exploring Robots

Credit: NASA In 2022, university students’ robotics designs may hop, slither, crawl, balloon, tumble, levitate, or leap to victory, displaying alternative rover motion techniques during NASA’s annual Breakthrough, Innovative and Game-Changing (BIG) Idea Challenge. Traditional wheeled rovers cannot reach many of the unexplored areas of the Moon and Mars. Student teams participating in the BIG … Read more

Interview From 2000 Shows People Laughing When Jeff Bezos Spoke Of Exploring Space

Jeff Bezos spoke about exploring space in a two-decade-old interview. Founder and former CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, created history recently when he travelled to the edge of space with three others. The tech billionaire made the journey in a rocket built by his company, Blue Origin. That Mr Bezos has an interest in outer … Read more

NASA rover has been exploring surface sediments, not lake deposits, for last eight years: study

400 meters of elevation from the beginning of the mission. Credit: NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover” width=”800″ height=”444″/> An image taken by the Curiosity Rover MastCam  instrument shows layered sedimentary rocks composing Mount Sharp. The rover has been driving from the floor of Gale crater up through the rocks within these hills in order to understand how the … Read more

This week on the Space.com forums: Questioning dark matter, exploring space and a last chance to win!

Welcome back to your weekly look into what’s trending on the Space.com forums. This week, the community gets inquisitive about the feasibility of dark matter and addresses some concerns about space exploration. But, first, you’re running out of time to enter our latest giveaway! Enter before Sunday to win! Own a piece of Mars with … Read more