New Vodafone campaign with extra from the Netflix hit “Squid Game”

Vodafone is starting a new campaign and wants to draw attention to the new TV tariff “GigaTV including Netflix”. The advertised TV tariff – nomen est omen – combines GigaTV and Netflix. It has been available since November (DIGITAL FERNSEHEN reported), but Vodafone has now come up with a special marketing move for this spring: … Read more

be extra careful with the approach of the holidays, the bitter remedy of the scientific council

A Covid-19 screening center installed in a chalet at the Strasbourg Christmas market on November 25, 2021. JEAN-FRANCOIS BADIAS / AP How to deal, by the end of the year, with this « double menace » : a strong fifth wave linked to the Delta variant, the peak of which does not seem to have been reached, … Read more

These hobbies you practice every day can turn into extra income

In their free time, many people take the opportunity to practice hobbies. Generally speaking, these practices are done with the aim of relaxation rather than as an occupation. Despite this, the hobbies you practice every day can turn into extra income. The market makes it possible several ways to earn extra income. In some cases, … Read more

Extra Energy for Extraterrestrial Science! – NASA’s Mars Exploration Program

This image was taken by Mast Camera (Mastcam) onboard NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 3291. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS. Download image › When the operations team logged on today, we were prepared to pick up where Monday’s team had left off in Curiosity’s ongoing drill campaign at Zechstein. But then we received some news: even though … Read more

Russell Lewis will become Supervising Editor for Planning/Breaking News : NPR Extra : NPR

Lewis in Nepal, after the 2015 earthquake, recording the sounds of clean-up at Monkey Temple in Kathmandu. Kirk Siegler / NPR hide caption toggle caption Kirk Siegler / NPR Lewis in Nepal, after the 2015 earthquake, recording the sounds of clean-up at Monkey Temple in Kathmandu. Kirk Siegler / NPR In a note to newsroom … Read more

EU is looking for extra measures against nitrate – Farmers find new Dutch measures ‘unachievable and unaffordable’

This is stated by the European Commission in the report published on 11 October on the implementation of the Nitrates Directive. Water quality has improved significantly compared to the situation before the adoption of the Nitrates Directive in 1991. This is due to the efforts of national authorities and farmers. Little or no progress has … Read more

Success in the Bond of Love, Ikbal Fauzi Once Became an Extra to Get Paid with Rice Wraps : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Name Ikbal Fauzi skyrocketed thanks to his acting as an assistant to Aldebaran, Rendi in the Love Association. His charm and acting as a cool and responsible man can melt the hearts of the audience. Even so, it’s not easy to become a Ikbal Fauzi which is now. This was also revealed by the … Read more

Sammy, The Extra Who With His Peculiar Way Of Speaking Came To Hollywood

Samuel Pérez, better known as “Sammy” died of complications derived from covid-19. (The universal) Sammy perez, the comedian who broke into the small screen for his way of speaking passed away this friday after a few weeks of fighting covid-19. The actor, discovered by Jorge “El Burro” Van Rankin, presented kidney problems throughout his hospitalization … Read more

Newly retired teachers from Paranavaí turn hobbies into extra income

Catarina Miranda Many people think that after retirement the new phase will be calm and quiet, but when you are used to the daily hustle and have hobbies to explore, this can be quite different. Two friends who have known each other for over 20 years and are teachers at the municipal education system in … Read more

Joaquin Phoenix’s New Look: With Extra Kilos And Gray Hair

There is no doubt that he is one of the most chameleonic actors in world cinema. Joaquin Phoenix he has no problem transforming his body with each new character, as long as the project excites him. Since his last creation, the villain Joker, With which won all possible awards and recognitions, two years have passed. … Read more