the actor was vilified by his ex-wife

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the verdict: the actor was vilified by his ex-wife. After about 12 hours in the chambers, the jury finally reached the verdict in the process for defamation between Johnny Depp e Amber Heard, who will now have to pay 15 million to her ex-husband. A figure … Read more

The jury condemns Amber Heard for defaming Johnny Depp with allegations of abuse but also punishes the actor for discrediting his ex-wife in the press

The seven members of the jury declared actress Amber Heard guilty on Wednesday in the trial promoted by her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp, who accused her of defamation for an article published in the press in which, without naming him, portrayed him as a abuser. The actress was sentenced to pay 15 million dollars in … Read more

GFVip, Pago infuriated by the attacks on his ex-wife Miriana Trevisan: “Here’s who I warned”

Pay infuriated by the attacks received on Big Brother Vip from his ex-wife Miriana. Pay he had already made it known that he wanted to legally move against some tenants of the house and now he has decided to be wary Giacom Urtis, Soleil Rises e Katia Ricciarelli. Miriana Trevisan (Photo courtesy of the Endemol … Read more

Clint Eastwood’s Ex-wife Dina, Who He Remained Married To For 18 Years, Married His Friend Whose Ex-wife Slept With The Actor

At the height of their marital crisis, Clint Eastwood and his ex-wife Dina Ruiz were involved in a romantic quartet with a separated couple. Read on for all the details. Clint Eastwood is a seasoned Hollywood star who has spent over six decades in the movie industry. Although it remains relevant in the days of … Read more

Clint Eastwood’s Ex-wife Dina Once Called Their Divorce “the Worst Thing” She’s Had To Go Through

Clint Eastwood and Dina Ruiz’s 18-year marriage ended in 2012. A few years later, they respectively started dating Erica and Scott, who were previously married. Clint Eastwood and Dina Ruiz married in 1996. They lived together in Camel, California, raising their daughter and enjoying the mundane things of life like going to school and shopping … Read more

when the ex-wife refuses to sell

The fate of an “undivided” asset requires the unanimity of the “co-owners”. TIM MACPHERSON/CULTURA / PHOTONONSTOP A At the time of divorce, it happens that one of the ex-spouses wishes to sell the family home bought together and that the other opposes it. However, he needs his agreement, because the fate of an “undivided” asset … Read more

For the sake of surviving, Kiwil’s ex-wife sells vegetable ketupat : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Rohimah had to work hard to support her four children after her divorce from Kiwil. He admitted that he didn’t want to just sit idly by and wait for the transfer of a living from his ex-husband. “Now, my condition is like this. Like it or not, you have to move. I can’t … Read more

Taqy Malik’s Father Viral, Mansyardin Malik’s Ex-Wife: This Is Allah’s Scenario: Okezone Celebrity

MOTHER Taqy Malik, Nurbaity, appeared by uploading wise words in the midst of the hectic issue of Taqy Malik’s father, Mansyardin Malik, forcing unnatural sex to his wife, Marlina Oktoria. In response to this, recently the former in-law of Salmafina Sunan was seen uploading an article on her Instagram Story. He even said that all … Read more

Ahmad Dhani Compares Mulan Jameela and Ex-Wife: If Maia Is Really a Boy! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Musician Ahmad Dhani is back in the spotlight. The founder of Dewa 19 explained the personality differences between Mulan Jameela and his ex-wife, Maia Estianty. This video clip was uploaded to the @rumpii_asiik account, Thursday (26/8/2021). According to Dhani, the nature of the wife reflects more of a woman than her ex-wife. “If … Read more

Phil Collins runs to his ex-wife after finding out she married someone else in Las Vegas

Phil Collins, multi-award-winning musician, appointed lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order and former member of the extinct band Genesis, lives one of the most uncomfortable moments of his career, as he presented an eviction order for his ex, Orianne Cevey, to leave his mansion located in Miami, Florida, after learning that despite their reconciliation, the … Read more