What is behind Facebook’s “Metaverse”

SScience fiction has often provided the basis for evolving the technology we use every day. The video telephony that Fritz Lang invented in the classic film “Metropolis” in 1927 is now available on every smartphone or computer. So when Mark Zuckerberg says, “I expect people will start seeing us no longer primarily as a social … Read more

Investigations against State Secretary of Olaf Scholz

In the heated argument about failures in the fight against money laundering, the state secretary of the Federal Finance Minister and SPD candidate for chancellor Olaf Scholz, Wolfgang Schmidt, is now also being targeted by the investigation. A spokesman for the Osnabrück public prosecutor’s office told the FAZ on Tuesday that “essential parts of the … Read more

Dispute between Forsa and the Federal Returning Officer over postal voting

JAccording to estimates, every second voter could cast their vote in the Bundestag election by letter. And two weeks before the election on September 26th, many have long since done so. When the survey institutes measure the political mood in the country, they often also ask who has already voted by letter. Institutes like Forsa … Read more

Why winemakers argue about the new wine law

EIt’s been a good six months since a new wine law was passed in Germany. After years of unsuccessful struggle, the representatives of the winemakers agreed with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture on a new version and thus finally implemented the EU requirements for a new regulation from 2009. Last autumn, the Bundestag and Bundesrat … Read more

Kirchensteuer ist der wichtigste Grund für Austritte

Im Corona-Jahr 2020 sind in Deutschland weniger Menschen aus der Kirche ausgetreten als im Vorjahr. Das gilt sowohl für die katholische wie für die evangelische Kirche. Bei den Katholiken sank die Zahl der Austritte im Vergleich zu 2019 um 18,8 Prozent auf 221.390. Die evangelische Kirche verließen vergangenes Jahr 220.000 Menschen – 18 Prozent weniger … Read more

2035 should be the end of the combustion engine

TFor a long time, the EU commissioners have argued with each other about how much the car industry should reduce the emissions of new vehicles in the next few years. They finally reached an agreement late on Tuesday evening, a few hours before the official presentation of the “Fit for 55” climate package by the … Read more

Indonesia faces the same corona fate as India

Dhe elementary school teacher Susi Johannes no longer remembers how she was admitted. She had already lost consciousness when her husband and a friend took her to the hospital in western Jakarta on a motorcycle. “I found it hard to breathe. My chest felt so heavy, as if someone had put a stone on it, … Read more