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The prosecution colombian just reported that thanks to a joint work with the give and with the Army, a ‘narcojet‘ in Guatemala with more than a ton of high purity Colombian cocaine. According to the report, the drug would have been shipped from the border area with Venezuela by the FARC dissidents bound for Central … Read more

In the United States, despite a falling unemployment rate, the labor market is struggling

The recovery of the labor market in the United States is made difficult by the pandemic. JOE RAEDLE / AFP Subject to the vagaries of the Covid-19 pandemic, the American labor market is struggling. Only 199,000 jobs were created in December 2021, half less than the 440,000 expected by analysts, the labor department announced on … Read more

Germany trend: Omicron fear is falling – Lauterbach’s most popular politician

Karl Lauterbach is the country’s most popular politician. Even Chancellor Olaf Scholz (both SPD) can probably benefit from this personnel decision. The – so far barely visible – Chancellor is also gaining ground in the Germany trend that Infratest Dimap has surveyed on behalf of ARD “Tagesthemen” and WELT. also read 66 percent of the … Read more

Ginevra Pisani, the former Inheritance professor reveals her relationship with Alessio Vassallo: “Falling in love in Palermo …”

And it was a kiss. After months of mystery Geneva Pisani comes out and reveals his relationship with Alessio Vassallo. The former Inheritance professor lets herself be overwhelmed by the charm of Sicily and allows herself a romantic shot with the actor in front of the Cathedral of Palermo. The photo of Alessio Vassallo The … Read more

«Alex Belli and Soleil? All planned. But she is falling in love “

Samy Youssef talked about his experience at Big Brother Vip 2021, of the triangle composed of Alex Belli, Soleil Sorge and Delia Duran and its relationship with Jessica Selassiè. Guest at “It will never happen again ”by Giada di Miceli on Radio Radio, he said that with the princess there would be something under the … Read more

Falling real estate prices take hold in Paris

The Meilleuragents ad site indicates that Parisian prices lost 1% last month. STÉPHANE OUZOUNOFF / PHOTONONSTOP Paris attracts less and housing prices are affected: they no longer increase and even fall. In its barometer at the start of December 2021, the Meilleuragents ad site indicates that Parisian prices have lost 1% in the last month. … Read more

Eddie Redmayne And How To Detract From An Oscar Performance By Falling Into The Sack Of Cancellation

In 2015 Eddie Redmayne left all the spectators with their hearts in a fist thanks to his performance in The danish girl. Although at that time some criticism fell for opting for the role of the transgender painter Lili Elbe, because he is a cisgender (and heterosexual) man, the truth is that his work was … Read more

In Europe, industrial production is falling, stifled by shortages

Aerial view of the port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, July 29, 2021. BRAM VAN THE BEATS / AFP Between shortages and inflation, industrial production is suffocated. For the second month in a row, it fell in the euro zone by 0.2% in September compared to the previous month, after falling 1.7% in August, according to … Read more

Falling For Corn

More than one-third of the world’s corn is grown in the United States, and the largest share of it comes from a swath of land across the Midwest. On October 18, 2021, NASA’s Terra satellite acquired this unusually cloud-free view of that region just as the corn harvest was nearing its end, the stalks from … Read more

“The girl’s chances are falling by the hour” – BZ Berlin

B.Z./dpa October 12, 2021 11:46 am Updated 12:37 PM The search for Julia (8) from Pankow, who is missing in the Bohemian Forest, becomes a race against time! Eight-year-old Julia from Berlin-Pankow has already disappeared for two nights in the border area between Bavaria and the Czech Republic. The police, fire brigade and helpers from … Read more