Macro review “I feel” by Tomáš Klus –

Tomáš Klus is sometimes like President Zeman – although he would like to unite people, he often unfortunately divides them. It’s not so much his music that is to blame, but rather his views, which are definitely not afraid to express themselves in public. This is also one of the reasons why we let his … Read more

Gf Vip, Katia Ricciarelli forgives Davide Silvestri: “I don’t feel a grudge”

Olive branch for Davide Silvestri. After the escalation of the last few days in the house of the GF VIP, Katia Ricciarelli she welcomed him into her room to talk and decided to forgive him. “I didn’t have any bitter thoughts towards you,” the opera singer admitted, after the actor went to see her to … Read more

On the album “I Feel”, Tomáš Klus returns to himself and his values

Tomáš Klus released two albums last year. After the political “ČAUČESKU” he came at the end of the year with a purely personal collection. He collaborated again with producer Jiří Burian and with the help of guitar mage, companion Jiří Kučerovský. “I feel” reveals the author’s feelings and relationships, whether to those closest to them … Read more

TastyBasics makes healthy eating easy – Feel fuller for longer due to muesli with a higher nutritional value

The professional jury selected 39 nominees from all applications. Between December 13 and January 16, consumers can choose their favorites via the voting website. “We are participating in two entries. In addition to the bars of nuts and seeds, we are nominated for muesli fruit and veggie. The latter is a crispy muesli with carrot, … Read more

Formula 1 – Horner: “We feel a bit like in Squid Game”

Posted11 December 2021, 12:42 They are only two to fight for the title, on equal points. But while Lewis Hamilton dominated the first day of testing of this final Grand Prix, Max Verstappen’s team say they were treated unfairly against Mercedes. The survivors At the press conference on Friday, the bosses of the two rival … Read more

The second daughter is wearing a hijab, Zaskia Adya Mecca: It’s really hard to feel the heart: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Zaskia Adya Mecca admitted that he was touched by the decision of his second daughter, Kala Madali, who firmly wore the hijab at the age of 8 years. He did not expect his daughter, who had always liked to wear shorts, suddenly appeared veiled. In the upload, Hanung Bramantyo’s wife shows a portrait … Read more

“My father always said he didn’t feel anything for me, I’m a mistake”

Sabrina Salerno e Samuel Peron guests from Serena Bortone to Today is another day tell about their experience a Dancing with the Stars. Salerno immediately confesses that it was not easy to trust Samuel: “I have always been a very independent independent woman and having faith and being led into the dance was not easy.” … Read more

Blue Origin: Employees don’t feel safe inside the missiles

Jeff Bezos (left) was present at the Blue Origin (right) launch of the New Shepard rocket in July.Anushree Fadnavis/Reuters; Blue Origin Twenty-one employees of the space company Blue Origin published a joint letter on Thursday in which they gave their opinion on the working conditions and the company. Some employees admitted they would not fly … Read more